Ratchet Screwdriver 15-in-1

M6226126 Available: 29
McGuckin 15-in-One Ratcheting Screwdriver
The McGuckin Hardware 15-in-One Ratcheting Screwdriver is a great gift for the DIY'ers, contractors and professionals.  A slight turn of the spring-loaded bit selector knobs opens the chamber for easy access and storage - making the exchange of bits a snap.  Ratchets left or right or locks into a fixed position.  Double ended bit included are
    * 1/8" slotted x #0 phillips
    * 1/4" slotted x 3/16" slotted
    * 1/4" slotted x #2 phillips
    * 5/32" slotted x #3 phillips
    * #1 phillips x #2 phillips
    * T15 torx x T20 torx
    * #1 square x #2 square
    * 1/4" nutdriver on the end of the shaft
Available in Yellow/Black and Blue/Dark Blue

McGuckin Hardware Logo Segmented Laser Weld Blade 4"

60992212 Available: 4
McGuckin Hardware Logo Blade. Segmented Laser Weld Blade 4"

McGuckin Hardware Logo Lumber Pencil

M6208217 Available: Out of stock
McGuckin Hardware Logo Lumber Pencil!

Green Camouflage Bucket 5gal

M9801135 Available: 13
Fill with ice and beverages to take camping, fishing or hunting. Store small garden tools. Use for easy storage. Plastic Bucket with handle with McGuckin Hardware Logo
5 Gallons. Lid optional and sold seperately.

McGuckin Hardware Miniature Screwdriver & Magnet

M6120044 Available: 5
McGuckin Hardware Logo Double Sided Miniature Screw Driver! One side Flat Head, The other side a magnet!

McGuckin Hardware Miniature 2-Sided Screwdriver

M6120014 Available: 158
Double sided mini- Scre driver Phillips/Flat head w/ McGuckin Hardware Logo

McGuckin Hardware Logo Bucket 5 Gallon Green

M9801560 Available: 2,084
Plastic bucket with handle with McGuckin Hardware logo. 5 Gallons. Lid optional and sold separately.

McGuckin Hardware Logo Bucket 5gal White

M9801565 Available: 703
Plastic bucket with handle with McGuckin Hardware logo. 5 Gallons. Lid optional and sold separately.

McGuckin Hardware Folding Knife

MHCELK Available:
Folding Pocket Knife with Plastic Handle.

McGuckin Logo Stainless Steel/Wood Knife

M1071655 Available: 1
McGuckin Logo Wood Knife
At 2 3/4" closed length, this mini folder is small enough for any pocket and the liner lock system allows for one-hand operations. The 2" black-coated 440C stainless steel blade folds neatly into a brown hardwood handle with black stainless steel liners.

McGuckin Hardware Yard Stick

M9801530 Available: 61
Not only can you measure things with this McGuckin Hardware wooden yardstick, you can joust your friends, practice balancing it on your palm, or conduct an impromptu choir!