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African Animals

15150767 Available: 7
Nature Tubes feature an assortment of phthalate-free PVC animals in an eco-friendly vinyl container. This soft-sided tube features a carrying handle and easy-to-use zipper. Tube size is 2.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches
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Bird Call

M73061 Available: 15
Experience the joy of birdwatching with the Toysmith Birdcall. Operate this easy-to-use bird call to call all sorts of birds into view at the park or in your own backyard. Even kids can attract birds with this simple birdwatching tool. To use, just hold the wood part in one hand and the brass part in the other. Twist the two parts together similar to the way you would turn a key in a lock. The squeaking sound produced attracts the curiosity and attention of many different species of birds. An included small tube of powdered rosin helps keep the bird call dry when not in use. Made of real brass and wood, this quality call is built to last for years of bird-viewing fun. This real avian-friendly whistle is not a toy.
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Outdoor Tech Buckshot Wireless Speaker Black

M1044648 Available: 3
The Buckshot is a super-portable, multifunctional, rugged and water-resistant wireless speaker. The Buckshot wirelessly connects with your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It streams crystal clear audio for a range of up to 32 feet for 16 hours on a single charge. It has a rugged, rubberized exterior, making it sturdy enough to withstand occasional drops, and a built-in speakerphone and microphone. The included bicycle mount allows you to attach the Buckshot to your bicycle handlebars or anything else with a similar profile. Compact, portable music has never been a more viable option.
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Butterfly Yo-Yo

15150143 Available: 16
Everyone loves a Duncan Yo-Yo. The Duncan Buttterfly Yo-Yo is a the original 1950s American yo-yo! Duncan invented the Butterfly shape for easier and faster tricks, like Walking the Dog or the Elevator. The Butterfly comes in a variety of translucnt colors. You will get one genuine Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo with a fixed axle and high quality string. A great gift kids and the young at heart!
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808 XS Mini Blue Tooth Speaker

3537834 Available: 2
808 XS Mini Blue Tooth Speaker, Compact & Portable, Control & Enjoy Your Music Directly From Your Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone Or Tablet & Kick Back To Your Favorite Music Delivered With Richness & Clarity, Flip The XS Mini Face Up To Get Projectable Full Sound For Indoor Or Outdoor Project Sites & Gatherings, Perfect In Any Tool Kit & The Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Provides 6 Solid Hours Of Playtime Between Charges.
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Ephrem's Olde Tyme Bottle Cutter

14956400 Available: 14
Whether you "upcycle" or "recycle", creating art with re-purposed bottles is easy with this durable metal cutter. The base can be adjusted for different heights and provides secure support for scores that line up. Simply place a bottle or jar in the jig and turn - only light pressure is needed to produce an ideal score. Heat the score over a candle flame and cool with ice. The results will amaze you, clean breaks nearly every time. Even thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly. Kit comes with the classic Ephrem's Bottle and Jar Cutter, an 18 page instructional booklet with over 22 project, a 4 page quick-start guide, candle, polishing paper and compound. This is a must have for anyone interested in recycling or re-purposed crafts.
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Farmer's Almanac Everyday Calendar

M1021074 Available: 1
What's the largest known diamond in the universe? How fast can an ostrich run? Why are cashews never sold in the shell? The answers to these and hundreds of other questions are found in this cleverly illustrated box calendar filled with intriguing facts, folklore, tips, quotes, proverbs, and puzzles. Every page, every day, is useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.
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Melissa & Doug Harmonica

M56570 Available: 4
Inhale, exhale... The music sounds great with every breath! This classic harmonica is ready for every musical occasion.
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Hot Wheels 5 Pack

9439183 Available: 33
Collect or play with Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack. Kids with a passion for speed finally have wheels of their own. Why You'll Love It: More cars means more fun. Age: 3 to 12 years Features Die-cast vehicles Each theme features its own unique collection.
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Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

15150145 Available: 10
If you grew up in the 1950s or 1960s, you probably had a wooden Duncan yoyo at some point in your childhood. But if you grew up in the 1970s and beyond, this plastic Duncan Imperial yoyo with a metal axle was the standard that you could find at just about every toy store, grocery store, or big box discount store. You can do basic yoyo tricks with this yoyo. Things like Walk the Dog, Around the World, Rock the Baby and the Sleeper.
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Iwako Animal Eraser Set

14505095 Available: 10
Iwako Japanese Puzzle Take Apart Erasers Animals Set of 7
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Iwako Doll & Cat Eraser Set

14505075 Available: 2
Awesome erasers from Japan! Perfect for collecting, Doll houses, imaginative play etc.
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