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Irwin Hex Die SA NC 10"x 24"

180269 Available: 2
#10 x 24, National Course, Self Aligning 1" Hex Die, Carbon Steel, Performance Threading System Threads Straight Every Turn, More Steel At Critical Points For Extra Strength, Ideal For Routine Maintenance, Repair Work & For Rethreading, Use With Performance Threading System Die Stock For Best Performance, Die Can Also Be Used With A Wrench Or Socket When Space Is Limited, Designed For Hand Threading Work In A Variety Of Materials.
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Excel Blades #11 100pk

M6525875 Available: 2
-Most popular hobby knife blade, 100% Made in the USA from carbon steel with a fine point straight edge for trimming wood, plastic, paper and leather -Versatile replacement blades fit all standard light to medium duty craft knives including Xacto Knife
-Sharper than average blades, these double honed hobby blades have a strong tip and flex without breaking to keep their edge and tip longer, and are coated in a thin layer of oil for rust protection
-Perfect for graphic artists, designers and arts and crafts applications - wood carving, scrapbooking, model kits, paper crafts and more
-Includes a bulk pack of (100) #11 double honed blades with 1.56 x 0.25 x 1.0 edge
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Excel Blades #27 EXC20027

M6522740 Available: 13
5 piece package of #27 Mini hobby saw blade, to be used in Excel K2, K5, K6, or X-Acto Type C handles. For cutting wood, thin metal, plastic, foam, carving pumpkins.
3 1/8 inches long overall x 3/8 tall x 2 1/2 inch cutting edge. Great for pumpkin and craft carving
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Meguair's Heavy Duty Fiberglass Cleaner

8075376 Available: 5
Meguiar's Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover is the fast and powerful answer for significant surface defects. It has the power to safely treat light to extreme scratches, as well as water spots, and can be applied by hand or with a machine. It's a gentle and highly effective wax and silicon-free alternative to rubbing compounds for use on all fiberglass, high-tech paint or gelcoat surfaces.
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Meguiar's M5016 Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax Liquid 16 oz.

8075384 Available: 5
The non-abrasive formula cleans, polishes, and protects all boats and RVs in one step. Removes light oxidation, haze, and minor scratches while providing long-lasting protection against corrosion and UV rays.
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Meguiar's M7 Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze 16oz

8025702 Available: 2
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze outshines all other hand-applied polishes, glazes, waxes and sealants. Restores a dazzling, deep, wet shine, Does not dry white. Safe and effective on all paint finishes
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Parker & Bailey Furniture Creme 8oz

M3328179 Available: 13
Parker & Bailey Furniture Cream is a rich concentrated formula that does not contain dulling waxes, harmful silicones, or flammable solvents. This original safe formula has been used by the finest furniture restorers and antique experts for many years, with only the best results. Suggested uses: o Gently and easily removes dirt, dust and fingerprints off any wood surface. o Rejuvenates all wood surfaces leaving a long lasting natural appearance.
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Arrow Super Bowl Jr. 22oz

M3170315 Available: 116
Great for cereal, popcorn, salad, soup and many other uses. Assorted colors. Plastic. 22 oz. Made in United States.
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Epicurean Cutting Board Slate 12"x 9"

M3451002 Available: 8
Epicurean Cutting Surfaces are a practical and distinctive improvement from poly, glass and wood cutting boards. They have all of the best qualities and none of the bad-in one highly functional surface. Every design is thoughtfully detailed for functionality in use, clean up and storage. This Epicurean Cutting board is designed to fit in the dishwasher and is NSF approved, so that you can be assured that they will be easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria. Cutting on Epicurean Cutting Surfaces will not dull your knives because the surface will score slightly, which helps it protect your knife's edge. These boards are made with a non-porous wood fiber composite from trees harvested under guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards. Epicurean Cutting Surfaces resist staining and cracking, and are heat resistant up to 350. Manufactured in the USA . 12x9 Kitchen Series Cutting Board, Slate color
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Epicurean Cutting Board Slate 15"x 11"

M3451005 Available: 9
Developed from a material used in restaurants for the past 35 years, Epicurean Cutting Surfaces are made from an environmentally friendly natural wood fiber laminate. A pleasure to use and even easier to clean, Epicurean Cutting Surfaces are dishwasher safe, won't dull knives, are virtually maintenance free and NSF approved. Temperature resistant to 350 degrees, the durable board is nonporous and prohibits bacteria, odors, and staining. This Kitchen Series cutting board is ideal for all food preparation. At 1/4 inch thick the cutting surface is easy to use and cleans up in the dishwasher. Store in the cupboard or hang from a hook.
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Spic and Span Liquid 40oz

M3328335 Available: 6
The Complete Home Cleaner - Use Spic and Span liquid straight out of the bottle or diluted with water. Effective on all hard surfaces - finished floors, countertops, cabinets, walls, appliances, toilets and more. On cars and finished wood, use diluted only. Not recommended for carpets, upholstery, aluminum, glass, laundry or mixing with bleach or ammonia. Contains no Phosphate, chlorine bleach or ammonia. Sun Fresh Scent: 40 FL. OZ.
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Arrow Juice Glass Rainbow 6oz

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Plastic Tumbler, Type Juice, Capacity 6 oz, Color Assorted Rainbow, Material Plastic. Dishwasher safe. Stacking lugs prevent locking. Assorted rainbow colors. Cannot specify color.
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