Thymes Hand Creme Agave

M3801103 Available: 2
This fragrant, deep-moisturizing cream soothes overworked, dry, chapped hands. Features a moisture-rich formula of jojoba oil, shea butter, safflower oil, sunflower oil, provitamin B5, vitamin E, aloe and glycerin. Pop it in your purse, car or carry-on for instant relief.
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Snap-In Knockout Seal 1-1/2"

M5441171 Available: 17
Use to cover exposed knock-out holes in steel outlet boxes and other metal enclosures.
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1 Hole Conduit Strap 1/2"

M5440722 Available: 31
Safe, non-conductive. To be used in accordance with NEC, Article 347.8 conduit spacing requirements. For use with Schedule 40/80 non-metallic solvent weld fittings.
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Flair-It Elbow Male, 1/2"Px1/2"MPT

M4302050 Available: 2
For hot and cold water. 3/8" and 1/2" fits PEX or Polybutylene tubing only. 3/4" fits PEX tubing only, to use on Polybutylene use a PEX to Polybutylene transition fitting. Bar coded.
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Flair-It Tee, 1/2"Px1/2"Px1/8"FPT

M4302110 Available: 9
Used to connect icemaker fittings to PEX or Polybutylene tubing. Bar coded.
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100A 2P Square D Circuit Breaker 240V

M5280110 Available: 1
Plug-on circuit breakers,Breakers trip thermally/magnetically,Quick make-quick break mechanism,2-pole - 2-1" spaces required,120/240V AC,UL listed,SIZE 100 Amp
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High Voltage 100A/220 A19 Bulb

M5056055 Available: 8
Bulbrite's classic A-shape dimmable standard Incandescent bulbs are the perfect option for any household appliance and fixture. Incandescent bulbs create a warm glow due to their high color rendering index; perfect for any atmosphere and location.
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OXO Good Grips Cheese Slicer Wire Replacements

M3587401 Available: 4
Easily remove broken wire and replace with a new stainless steel wire
Three stainless steel replacement wires included
Includes plastic case for storing extra replacement wires
Compatible only with OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer
Dishwasher safe
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Bondhus Ball-End Hex Driver, 9mm

M6341760 Available: 3
Never drop a screw again! Bondhus is the developer and exclusive manufacturer of the patented ProHold Tip tools. This type tool tip holds screws tight on the tool every time without the use of magnetism. Holds screws of ALL materials equally well. This concept holds the screw without reducing the strength of the tool, yet still allows for smooth rotation of the balldriver, even on an angle.
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Main Lug Outdoor Load Center 125A

M5283681 Available: 1
One-piece interior removes and reinstalls easily. Full-length neutrals are easier to wire, reducing installation time and cost. 100 percent neutral terminations. Sturdy copper bus and galvanized box increase durability and reliability. Combination slotted/Robertson screws speed wiring. All holes are rated for 14-4 wire. 100 per cent rated split neutral on each side. Load centers accept Q Line circuit breakers, including GE's exclusive 1/2" THQPs. (4) 1" or (8) 1/2"  spaces. Single-phase, three-wire, 120/240 Volt AC. 7-1/4" x 10" x 3-3/4".
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Makita Lithium Cordless Vacuum 12V

M6630078 Available: 1
Makita's new 12V vacuum has a compact design at 17-7/8-Inch long and weighs only 1.9 lbs for reduced operator fatigue. The crevice nozzle allows for tight space clean up. It accepts Makita 12V max Lithium-Ion batteries. There is 3 year warranty on the tool. Battery and Charge sold separately.
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Adjustable C-Clamp 1-1/2"

M6280730 Available: 12
Correctly designed malleable iron frames, for greatest strength. Carefully fitted steel screws with sliding 'vise-type' handles. Oscillating swivels, put on to stay. Sizes: No. 1401-1430 are furnished with all parts attractively bright plated.Sizes: No. 1440 and larger are furnished in smooth, natural finish. A complete range of sizes offering a rare combination of serviceable quality.
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