Storage Hooks

Angel-Guard Hook & Hang Bat Hook

M1160105 Available: 11
Hook & Hang Bat Hook NOW Black coated Steel.
Revolutionize your storage ability with Angel-GUARD Bat Hook. Create instant storage when you need it with Angel-GUARD Bat Hook storage hooks. Made in the USA from high strength, black coated steel, these Bat Hook storage hooks will withstand years of use. Turn wood beams, studs, rafters and joists in to much needed and valuable storage space instantly! Angel-GUARD Bat Hooks storage hooks lets you create extra closet space, hang plants and lights, store garden tools, hoses, gear and more in those underused areas safely and economically. These Hook & Hold storage hooks firmly attach at any angle and grips the wood tighter as weight is added up to 50 lbs. Need a change? No problem! Simply pull the Angel-GUARD Bat Hooks point out and away from the wood and you're ready to move over and over again. Bat Hooks storage hooks are ideal for garages, basements, workshops, attics, decks and job sites--anywhere there is a "two by" board. Simple, versatile and safe storage for your ever-changing life--Angel-GUARD Bat Hook storage hooks. Holds up to 50lbs.
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Over the Door 5 Hook Rack Chrome

M1160499 Available: 2
Ideal for hanging clothes or towels. Fits the top of most standard household doors. Chrome finish. Size: 14"W x 9-1/2"H x 3"D. Sleeved.
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InterDesign 5 Double Hook Wall Rack Stainless Steel

M1160492 Available: 8
Mount the Stainless Steel Modern Coat Rack in your garage, mud room, entryway, porch, or other convenient location so you can keep a supply of rain jackets, winter coats, and other items handy. With 10 stainless steel storage hooks with larger ends to keep items secure, you can keep a large supply of winter accessories at your fingertips.
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National Hardware 6 Double Hook Rail Satin White

M1160602 Available: 5
A simple and affordable way to upgrade a home is to replace old, dated hardware in finishes complementary to the home's decor  Home Designs by Stanley home hardware is available in several styles and finishesProviding home hardware for all of your new construction, upgrades and replacement projectsMade with modern and traditional finishes, general hardware such as clothes hooks, door stops, mail slots, handrail brackets, door viewers and house numbers are a perfect accessory for any home The crisp, clean appearance of the Satin Nickel finish adds to the overall look of the product and brings a modern feelIdeal for use in entryways, bedrooms, closets and laundry rooms Wood nubs included to conceal mounting screwsRear-mounted hooksFasteners and anchors includedLifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Spectrum Adjustable Clear Hook Over the Door

M1160464 Available: 6
Adjustable Over the Door bracket or cubicle walls.  Adjustable 1.4"-2.25"thickness 6.5" drop 1"wide 1-5/8"hook opening.  Clear plastic hook with metal adjustable hook.
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InterDesign Over the Door Hanger Chrome 6 Hook

5272968 Available: 3
Manage unused space in your home with the classic over the door hook rack. This strong, steel door hardware unit provides 6 chrome plated rounded hooks for hanging coats, belts, trousers or any other type of clothes, towels, bathrobes and other clothing items. These rounded over the door hooks prevent clothes from snagging when you take them off for wearing.
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Zinc L-Hanger

M1160280 Available: 3
Easy installation,Reinforced rib design for extra strength,5-1/2" load surface - 6" deep,Rust resistant galvanized steel,Screws included
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Broom/Mop Holder White

60978 Available: 6
The InterDesign broom/mop holder is the perfect way to store your brooms, mops, rakes and more. It features a self-adhesive backing that easily and strongly to any surface.
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Super Tool Hanger 9.3mm

5203583 Available: 17
For hanging hammers or gas powered lawn trimmers. Made of 3/8" diameter steel with Supergrip protective coating. 50-lb. weight capacity. Bulk.
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Super Hook Bike Hanger SH18

5203609 Available: Out of stock
For mountain bikes, power washers, yard carts, chainsaws or hose reels. Use in vertical or horizontal position. Made of 3/8" diameter steel with Supergrip protective coating.100-lb. weight capacity, 40-lb. hung vertically.
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Screw-In Overhead Storage Hook 6"

57895 Available: 35
Steel bicycle hook with zinc plated finish,Thread size: 1/4" x 1-3/8",Red vinyl coated,Bulk Cut-Case,SIZE 6-1/2"
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Screw-In Bike Storage Hook

58336 Available: 4
Designed primarily for overhead use,Plastisol coated,Carded, 6",QTY/PACK 2 / Card
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