Plastic Gutter Guard 6"X20FT

5732854 Available: 6
Guard protects gutter, downspout and drain from leaves, stones and other debris. Easy to install. Stays in place all year.
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Drain Away Downspout Extender

DADE Available:
Green, Flexible, Automatic Downspout. Extender fits all standard downspouts. Takes water away from foundation. Installs easily, without the use of any tools. Unrolls automatically when it rains, and automatically rolls back when it's dry.
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Double Draft Stop 36" Brown

M1841431 Available: 9
Adjusts to fit any door or window. Stays with the door as it opens. Glides over all types of floors. Keeps heating and cooling inside. Keeps out fumes & noise. Machine washable. Attach the foam tubes with the included collars. Cut the tubes (if necessary) to fit your door/window. Slide the tubes in the cover and put in place.
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