Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks Insulator 12oz

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All-purpose for filling and sealing holes, cracks, gaps and other voids less than 1/2 inch. All directional straw dispensing. Adheres to most surfaces including wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics. Permanent, rigid and nonshrinking. Water resistant. Sandable, paintable, stainable. Closed cell for blocking radon gas, limiting entrance of pests, dust and allergens; and for reducing energy costs by stopping drafts. Moisture cured. 20 minute tack-free time; 8 hour cure time. U.L. Listed. 12oz. yields 250 lineal feet in 3/8" bead; 20 oz. yields 420 lineal feet in 3/8" bead. For outside applications paint when cured to protect against UV discoloration. 50-110-degree usable temperature range.
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Window/Door Foam Sealant 12oz

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Seals, insulates, weatherproofs windows & doors,Superior water resistance & durability,Easy water clean-up,Paintable & tool-able,No mess, won't over-expand,Airtight seal saves energy,SIZE 12 Oz.
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M-D Building Product Auto and Marine Weatherseal 1/4 in. x 1/2 in. x 10 ft Black

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The firm, closed cell structure of this product provides a tight, long lasting seal against air, dust and moisture. Great for automotive and marine use to prevent rattles, squeaks and vibrations. Can be used on auto doors and trucks, marine hatches, deck lids, around air conditioners and to stabilize appliances and furniture.
High density, self-adhesive weatherproofing tape. Tough sponge rubber ensures long lasting seal. Black. 1/4" x 1/2" x 10'.
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Landscape Foam Black 12 oz

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Black foam blends into shadows. Won't discolor like conventional foam, no painting needed, Expands to fill gaps and voids. Easier and less expensive than mortar. Superior adhesion. Bonds with rock, stone, wood and most pond materials. Fills holes in trees to seal out pests. Replaces loose or damaged mortar in rock walls. Use as a craft foam for artificial plants. SIZE 12 oz,COLOR: Black
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Touch 'N Foam No Warp Window and Door Expanding Foam 12oz

M1850145 Available: 18
Low pressure window & door sealant. Guaranteed not to bow window frame or jamb. Fills-seals and insulates. Stops drafts-minimizes energy loss. Outperforms fiberglass. Bright white foam. Meets ASTM E-84,SIZE 12 Oz.
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Touch N Foam Firebreak Orange 12oz

M1850155 Available: 8
Flame-resistant all-purpose foam,Class 1 fire-retardant,Self-extinguishing,Eliminate oxygen flow in service penetrations,Straw-applied, bright orange polyurethane foam,SIZE 12 Oz.
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