Travel Accessories

Coghlan's Soap Holder

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Keeps bar soap handy in a virtually unbreakable plastic container.
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Travelon Luggage Scale

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This easy to use luggage scale has a patented stop and lock feature. Two hands track the weight of the bag and the second hand stops and locks at that weight so you can set the suitcase down to read the dial. It also ncludes a tape measure to also ensure bags are not oversized. Take it with you on your trip to ensure you don't tip the scales on your way back.
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Lumbar Pillow Nautical Blue

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The Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Pillow is a travel pillow for aching backs. The Lumbar Pillow uses die-cut foam, to release pressure on your spine, while supporting the sides. The pillow is self-inflating, and adjusts with a puff or two from your lungs, or a slight opening of the valve. Ease the pain of your back on the next business trip with a little cushion.
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Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Charcoal

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This super versatile 2-in-1 Travel Pillow contours around your neck and transforms into a rectangular shape - offering you versatility exactly when you need it.
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Eagle Creek Easy Blink Eyeshade

M1037471 Available: 3
This super-slim eyeshade is lightweight and washable. Plus it's blink-able. Ingenius, right? Eagle Creek(R) knows no one likes to feel their eyelashes hit their eyeshade.
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Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket

M1037473 Available: 5
Our tried-and-true Hidden Pocket now comes with RFID Blocking technology which helps protect yor personal information from being stolen by an RFID reader. So now you've got smart organization and comfort with the added benefit of even more travel security. This simple hide-away pouch slips onto your belt and conveniently tucks into the waistband of your pants. Great for international travel.
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Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt

M1037477 Available: 10
For safe storage of valuables under your clothes. The Undercover Money Belt is easy to wear under clothing, thus contributing literally to greater security.
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Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt DLX

M1037479 Available: 5
This Undercover money belt is complete with two zippered pockets and one slip pocket on the back of the waist strap, providing multiple options for secure organization.
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All Terrain Money Belt Coffee

M1037482 Available: 1
Looks like a regular belt, works like a regular belt, but it has a secret zippered compartment for folded up bills and other things you want to keep hidden!

Polypropylene Webbing Nylon Buckle. Hidden zippered security pocket safely conceals currency. Pocket dimensions: approx. 18.5" in length and 1.25" wide. Short metal pull tab on #3 zipper, which is the smallest zipper available. Adjustable, quick release, slim cam-style buckle. Plastic buckle allows for easy pass through airport security. Size can be shortened.
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Contoured Eye Mask

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Take it easy en route with Travel Smart by Conair Contoured Eye Mask. Use this for restful travel or to get a better quality of sleep once you reach your destination. The adjustable straps help secure the mask for a secure yet comfortable fit.

Specifications & Features:
Contoured eye mask. Patented design allows complete freedom of eye movement. Rests on face around eye area and does not directly touch eyes. Adjustable straps, 9"l x 4"h/adjustable .75" black elastic strap with velcro closure. Prevents makeup from smudging. Lightweight and hand washable.
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Travel Smart Inflatable Neck Rest

M2010210 Available: 1
TRAVEL SMART BY CONAIR P4200 Inflatable Neck Rest * Inflatable Neck Rest * * Supports neck & head to avoid tired, cramped neck muscles* Soft pillow easily inflates & deflates for compact travel & storage * Gray *
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Lewis N. Clark Motion Bands

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Bands are worn on wrist to help relieve the discomfort of motion
travel. Contains one pair of wristbands in a plastic travel case.
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