Battery Tester 1.5V-22.5V

3065901 Available: 4
Brand Name: Gardner Bender
*Test Range: 1.5V to 22.5V
*Display Type: Analog
*Product Type: Battery Tester
*Color: Black/Red
*Packaging Type: Carded
*Depth: 1.5 in.
*Batteries Included: No
*Width: 4.5 in.
*8.7 in. height
*Tests: 1.5V button cell, 1.5V AAA, N, AA, C, D cells, 1.25VNickel Cadmium rechargable cells, 3V Lithium cells, 6V lantern and photo light meter cells, 9V rectangular, 12V, 15V photo cells and 22.5V photo and lantern cells
*Easy to read selector switch and color coded "Good/Replace" indicator
*Positive and negative contact posts on the front of the tester for quick and easy 9V battery checks
*Handy button cell retainer holds the battery in place during test
*Voltage rating: 1.5V to 22.5V
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GBT 3502 Battery Tester

3260767 Available: 5
Tests All Common Household Batteries
Determines Existing Charge
Quick, Visual Low/Good Indicator
Moveable Contact Arm Fits Multiple Battery Sizes
Tests: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 1.5 V Button Cell And N Style Batteries
$10.99 Regular Choose Options OUT OF STOCK