Rechargable Batteries & Chargers

Power Patrol Battery Charger 12V 500ma

M1037201 Available: 2
Battery charger for use with sealed lead acid batteries, 12V charger and screw terminals. It features a 14.6V fast charge and 13.6V trickle charge. 500mAH
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Power Patrol PS670 Rechargeable Battery 6V 7Ah

M2023555 Available: 2
6V, 7A, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, With .187 Faston Tabs.
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Power Patrol PS1229 Rechargeable Battery 12V 2.9AH

M2023566 Available: 2
The Intellipower LA1022 Battery is replaced by this high quality replacement. This is a high quality replacement battery. The state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type (sometimes called 'sealed' or maintenance-free) which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions can be operate.
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Rechargeable Battery 12V 6Ah 1250

M2023567 Available: 2
Great replacement sealed lead acid battery from UPG with multiple uses. Buy a spare and save on shipping! Commonly used in game feeders, cameras, ride-on toys, lanterns, lights, decoys, alarm systems, garage door openers, and more. Universal Power Group (UPG) is one of the leading global suppliers of sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries. We get weekly deliveries direct from the UPG warehouse in Coppell Texas to get you the freshest batteries possible.
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