Rechargable Batteries & Chargers

Fenix Dual Channel Smart Charger

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The batteries for your high powered LED flashlights are hungry, and you can feed them with the finest smart charger available - the Fenix ARE X2. This charger features dual bays that can be used to charge two batteries at once, so you can have multiple backups ready for action. The ARE-X2 is compatible with the most popular sizes of Li-ion batteries, including 14500 and 18650, as well as AA and AAA sized Ni-MH and Ni-Cd chemistries. With LED charge and discharge indicators, you can be sure that your batteries are charging and will know instantly when they're done. With Li-ion batteries installed, this battery charger can be used as a power bank to charge USB devices such as smart phones, tablets and is even compatible LED flashlights!
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Power Patrol PS670 Rechargeable Battery 6V 7Ah

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6V, 7A, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, With .187 Faston Tabs.
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Power Patrol PS1229 Rechargeable Battery 12V 2.9AH

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The Intellipower LA1022 Battery is replaced by this high quality replacement. This is a high quality replacement battery. The state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type (sometimes called 'sealed' or maintenance-free) which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions can be operate.
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Rechargeable Battery 12V 6Ah 1250

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Great replacement sealed lead acid battery from UPG with multiple uses. Buy a spare and save on shipping! Commonly used in game feeders, cameras, ride-on toys, lanterns, lights, decoys, alarm systems, garage door openers, and more. Universal Power Group (UPG) is one of the leading global suppliers of sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries. We get weekly deliveries direct from the UPG warehouse in Coppell Texas to get you the freshest batteries possible.
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Energizer Recharge AA NiMH 8pk

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Keep everyone in your family fully powered every day with Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA Rechargeable Batteries. Using rechargeable batteries is a responsible and reliable way to continuously power your most-used devices, so you buy less disposable batteries, save money and reduce impact on the environment. You can charge and use Power Plus up to 700 times, and the charge lasts up to one year in storage. Recharge Power Plus AA batteries arrive pre-charged and ready for use.
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Ray-O-Vac Rechargeable AA Battery 4pk

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With a nickel-metal-hydride chemistry, these Rayovac PL715-4B AA batteries deliver efficient power to a variety of household electronic devices. The low-self-discharge technology helps the batteries retain a charge.
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Motorola 2 Way Radio Battery

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Don't get caught without power, have a spare, rechargeable NiCd battery on hand. This helps reduce downtime due to a depleted battery. The battery is easy to carry, easy to change.
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Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Recharger

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The Sherpa 50 Recharger is easy to pack and light to carry so your gear goes the same distance you do and quickly recharges from wall or
sun. Features  Charge in 2-3 hours from wall, or 4-6 hours from car, or 5-10 hours from solar (Nomad 13 Solar Panel sold separately) Run times: laptops 1-3 hours, tablets 15+ hours Turns the Sherpa Recharger in to a wall
plug Bolt-on inverter converts Sherpa 50 into a wall plug Compact and lightweight ? less than 1 pound What's in the Box  1 x Sherpa 50 Recharger 1 x AC wall charger 1 x 12V Adapter 1 x Sherpa Laptop Tips Tech Specs (Use with the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 v2):  Usage:  Charge every 3-4 months, to maintain battery life  For up to 1-year storage, discharge to 50%, remove fuse, shelve in cool temperature Charge Times:  AC wall charger: 3 hours
Charging port (8.0mm, blue, circle): 15-25V (30W max) Outputs:  USB Port: 5V, 0-1.5A (7W max), regulated  12V port (6.0mm, green, hexagon): 12V, 0-6A (75W max), regulated  Sidecar port (9mm, side): 9-13V, 0-10A (75W max), not regulated  Laptop port (7.4mm, orange, square): 19V, 0-5A (75W max), regulated  AC Inverter (sold seperately): 110VAC (75W max), modified sine wave Internal:  Battery Type: Lithium-ion (NMC)  Battery Capacity: 50Wh+ (2x3x3.6V, 2.6Ah cells)  Battery Voltage Range: 9-13V  Life-span: Hundreds of cycles  Fuses: 10A, standard car fuse General:  Chainable: Yes, with other Sherpa V2  Weight: 1.1 lbs  Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x 5 in (11.4 x 3.8 x 12.7 cm)  Warranty: 12 Months  Certifications: FCC and CE  Optimal Operating Temp.: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
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Energizer 2 NiMH Rech AAA 2pk

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Specifically designed for high-tech, energy draining devices Long lasting rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times Can be recharged to full capacity at any time (no need to discharge completely) Cost effective and better for the environment 2,300 mAh (milliamp/hour)
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Ray-O-Vac AAA Recharge 4pk

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Rayovac NiMH rechargeable batteries offer the perfect solution to powering your high drain digital devices. Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable batteries provide long-lasting performance - they'll stay charged two to three times longer than standard NiMH rechargeable batteries.
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