Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

101924 Available: 2
Charge phones and USB devices directly from the sun. Features a dynamic auto-restart and intelligent electronics that optimize output to match the device.

Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Light

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Whether used as a lantern for soft light in your tent or as an area light for nighttime cooking and other camp tasks, the Light-A-Life Mini USB Light v2 from Goal Zero is a lightweight, portable means to illuminate your outdoor experience. This 110-lumen LED weighs just 2.4 oz and comes with a carabiner so you can hang it where you need it. With the frosted shade in place, it casts a diffused light. The 1.9-watt light can be chained in sequence with up to three more Light-A-Life lights for a complete lighting system. It plugs into any USB port.

Goal Zero Light-A-Life Quad Light

101930 Available: 2
Light up the night while camping during any outdoor activity with the ultra-powerful and compact Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light set. These lights can be used as a lantern or a soft light to illuminate your outdoor experience, with 100-lumen LED lights and an attachment so you can hang it wherever you need it!

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Speakers Black

101931 Available: 1
The Rock Out 2 Solar from Goal Zero features amazing audio, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in solar panel to keep your tunes going all day long. USB ports allow connection to your favorite audio player as well as to other speakers. It's Bluetooth compatible, too!

Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel

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Plug your device directly into the USB port on this rugged, compact panel to keep it going anywhere under the sun. Dynamic auto-restart adapts the charging output to the device attached.

Goal Zero Flip 30 Power Pack Green

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Flip 30 is designed to give up to 3 charges on most phones and multiple charges on other small USB-powered devices like headlamps and POV cameras. It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero power pack as it does from the wall. The USB port best charges all your smaller USB powered devices.

Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel

M2021100 Available: 2
The Nomad 7 delivers an ultra-compact yet powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your handheld devices directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. As fast as the wall: Solar charge your cell phone in 1-2 hours. Easy to Use: Use solar power with USB or 12V devices Portable & Powerful: Collect 7 Watts of power from the sun. Foldable, rugged design, and weather resistant. What can the Nomad 7 Solar Panel charge?  The Nomad 7 will directly charge most USB and 12V devices (not tablets). Most handheld USB devices, include: Cell phone, smart phone, GPS, MP3 player  What Goal Zero products work best with the Nomad 7?  Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharger, Guide 10 Plus, and Rock Out Portable Speaker  Can I use the USB and 12V ports to charge devices simultaneously?  Yes. The Nomad 7 will split the Some devices may not be compatible.  How do I use the Nomad 7?  1: Open and remove protective file from solar cells (film may already have been removed)  2: Position and angle panel towards the sun  3: Plug your device into one of the charging ports