Mini Maglite AA Black w/ Holster

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The 97-lumen mini maglite(r) LED flashlight has the durability and strength maglite(r) is known for--all in a compact carrying case. It features four modes for Personalized use. It includes 2 AA batteries and a holster. This SP2201H is in black.
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MagLite Solitaire LED Flashlight 1AAA Silver

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MAGLITE SJ3A106 37-Lumen MAGLITE  LED Solitaire (Silver) * 37-Lumen MAGLITE LED Solitaire (Silver) * * 37 lumens* 61m beam distance * 1.5-hour run time * Includes 1 AAA battery & key lead * Silver *
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Streamlight Keymate USB Light

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Bring 35 lumens to your workspace with this unique area light. Turn it on and leave it on during power outages, while you work, or go for a run. Long run time combined with USB rechargeability gives you extended use and low operating costs.
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Nite Ize INOVA T10R Tactical Flashlight

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The INOVA T10R is the most versatile high performance light on the market. At 3500 lumens, with the ability to project a beam 1677 feet, and unheard of run times, the t10r is a precision high-performance pioneer in the flashlight industry. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery pack makes it a powerhouse, and it also includes a power bank USB adapter that boasts an impressive 14,000 mah capacity giving it the ability to easily charge other small devices multiple times over. The t10r has a 5-function mid-body switch that activates high, low, sos, strobe, and variable dim modes. The aerospace grade aluminum body machined from solid bar stock featuring military-spec type iii hard coat anodized finish and an aggressive knurling pattern is engineered to withstand the rigors of field work and extreme conditions.
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Maglite Flashlight Auto Mounting Bracket D Cell

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The MAGLITE flashlight mounting bracket provides a convenient place to store D-cell flashlights. No more grappling in the dark when the lights go out; you'll know exactly where to find the flashlight in the event of a power outage. The brackets are constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic and mount to just about any surface.
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Mini Maglite 2AA LED w/ Holster

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MagLite flashlights are practical for work or play and have been used extensively by law enforcement, fire and rescue, and military personnel. MagLite flashlights are perfect for professionals, sporting use, home defense, power outages, or automotive applications. MagLite meets the diverse needs of industrial and personal uses. MagLite flashlights are really in their element in rain, snow, mud, and even moisture. You can depend on a MagLite flashlight when you are camping, hiking, skiing, sailing, and even out at the beach. All Mag flashlights are designed, patented, and manufactured in the USA. Mini Maglite has a spot to flood high intensity adjustable light beam. Never run out of light with the spare lamp that is stored in the Mini Maglite flashlight. Mini MagLite converts into candle mode in three easy steps. The vented patented tail cap reduces chance of gas buildup.
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Metal Gear Weather Resistant LED Flashlight 3AAA

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The 45 Lumen 3AAA LED Metal Gear Flashlight features an intense beam of white light that projects a beam more than 100 feet. The flashlight is constructed of aluminum and has a tail cap push button switch, allowing for ease of use and safe storage. Containing rubber O-rings allows this flashlight to be sealed against moisture. The 45 Lumen 3AAA LED Aluminum Flashlight features a compact feel and a rigid barrel design for comfort and stability. The 45 Lumen 3AAA LED Metal Gear Flashlight comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries and a durable nylon holster.
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Nite Ize Inova Squeeze Light LED White

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Designed for convenient, one-handed use, the bright white LED Squeeze Light turns on when you squeeze it, off when you let go. With its rugged, heavy-duty plastic body, looped on a durable strip of nylon cord with a Size #0 plastic S-Biner for convenient attachment, the LED Squeeze Light can be easily clipped to key rings, belt loops, zipper pulls, and lanyards, making it easy for you to shine bright light instantly, whenever you need it.
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Coast Micro Tac Light Black

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Crystal Reflector Tube System. White beam. High intensity light chip. 24 ct. gold contacts. rear on/off switch. Tactical lightweight aluminum casing. 2 15/16-in length.
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Energizer Compact Rechargable LED Light

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The Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable Light is your go-to light for when the power goes out in your home. The plug-in flashlight is powered by (1) NiMH battery (included), which is easily recharged by simply plugging the device into any wall outlet. This will keep the light charged and ready to go at a moment's notice. One of the best features of this rechargeable flashlight is that it turns on automatically when it senses that the power has gone out! No more stumbling over furniture and pets when you are in search of lights and candles. The Energizer Weather Ready Light is visible from afar. This rechargeable flashlight offers 1 output mode of 25 lumens, which is perfect for use at home. Feel free to leave the light plugged in to illuminuate a room, or unplug it and fold the prongs down for a more comfortable grip. The LED light runs for 3.5 hours, which will hopefully be all the time you need to get your power back on. The Energizer Weather Ready flashlight also offers an auto-on nightlight option that runs for approximately 15 hours in Low mode.

Specifications & Features:
Ultra-bright Nichia LED. Two-mode light switch, for high and low power. 3.5 hour run time on high, and 15 hours on low. NiMH battery can be recharged hundreds of times. Plugs into light socket and automatically turns on when power goes out. Great for emergency situations like power outages and other weather related issues. Beam Distance: 30 meters. Impact Resistance: 1 meter.
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Life+Gear LED Glow Flashlight

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Glow LED Flashlight, Waterproof, Translucent Clear Body, All Red Top, On/Off Button Cycles. 4 Functions: Flashlight, Flashlight & Body Glows Red, Glow Mode, Flashing Red Body Automatically Turns On When Immersed In Water, Storage Component In Body For First Aid, Change, Keys, Etc. 400 Hour Flasher Life, Includes 3 "AA" Batteries.
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Mini Mag Lite LED 2AAA Black

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The all-new mini MAGLITE 2 AAA LED Flashlight features the same classic look and size as the original and the same simple operation just twist the head to turn it on, turn it off and focus the beam. But thanks to a latest-generation LED light engine, it produces a beam whose intensity is nothing short of amazing from a pocket-clippable flashlight that's not much bigger than a penlight.Batteries: 2 "AAA" Alkaline batteries (included).Material: Anodized Aluminum.
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