Energizer Compact Rechargable LED Light

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The Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable Light is your go-to light for when the power goes out in your home. The plug-in flashlight is powered by (1) NiMH battery (included), which is easily recharged by simply plugging the device into any wall outlet. This will keep the light charged and ready to go at a moment's notice. One of the best features of this rechargeable flashlight is that it turns on automatically when it senses that the power has gone out! No more stumbling over furniture and pets when you are in search of lights and candles. The Energizer Weather Ready Light is visible from afar. This rechargeable flashlight offers 1 output mode of 25 lumens, which is perfect for use at home. Feel free to leave the light plugged in to illuminuate a room, or unplug it and fold the prongs down for a more comfortable grip. The LED light runs for 3.5 hours, which will hopefully be all the time you need to get your power back on. The Energizer Weather Ready flashlight also offers an auto-on nightlight option that runs for approximately 15 hours in Low mode.

Specifications & Features:
Ultra-bright Nichia LED. Two-mode light switch, for high and low power. 3.5 hour run time on high, and 15 hours on low. NiMH battery can be recharged hundreds of times. Plugs into light socket and automatically turns on when power goes out. Great for emergency situations like power outages and other weather related issues. Beam Distance: 30 meters. Impact Resistance: 1 meter.
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