Nit Ize INOVA STS Headlamp Assorted

INVHL Available:
The INOVA STS headlamp makes brilliant hands free illumination simple, versatile and comfortable. It features an innovative swipe-to-shine interface that allows for simple access to multiple modes - all with a swipe of your finger. Its lightweight body, high quality elastic strap and waterproof construction makes the INOVA STS headlamp an indispensable lighting tool anywhere high quality hands-free illumination is needed.
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INOVA STS Power Switch Dual Power

M1082442 Available: 4
The first ever rechargeable, dual-power, two color LED, multi-mode headlamp with Swipe-To-Shine? technology can run on the included Lithium Ion battery pack, or on three AAA batteries while the battery pack recharges. The waterproof, impact-resistant body houses red and white LEDs with four modes, and features easy-to-use Swipe-To-Shine activation.
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Nite Ize Radiant 200 Headlamp

M1082452 Available: 2
The Radiant 200 Headlamp is intensely bright and multi-functional. Featuring 200 Lumens, dual color, red and white LEDs, with multiple modes including both spot and flood, it is an extremely versatile hands-free lighting solution.
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