Lanterns & Lights

Coleman Generator-Lantern MDl200

82056 Available: 2
Coleman Lantern Generator 200A5891 fits Coleman 200/200A/242/243/202 Lanterns.
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Lantern Generator

82057 Available: 8
Fits Coleman 2-mantle lantern Model No. 220, 228, and 275. No. 220E5891
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Coghlans Lantern Lighter

82061 Available: 25
Lights your lantern in wind, rain, darkness - without matches. Attaches to most popular makes of gas lanterns and uses ordinary lighter flints.
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Coleman Double Life Propane Lantern Compact Generator 220E5891

82186 Available: 15
Small compact propane lantern, up to 12 hour burn time, regulated for optimal performance, single mantle slip on, dial control for adjustable brightness, flexible chain handle allows carrying or hanging, globeguard surrounds globe for added protection, propane cylinder not included, limited lifetime warranty.
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Coleman Mantle Lantern Propane 2pk

82854 Available: 75
Brand Name: Coleman
*Product Type: String Tie Mantle
*Number in Package: 2 pk
*Material: Plastic
*Width: 4.7 in.
*Batteries Included: No
*Rechargeable: No
*Packaging Type: Bagged
*Height: 6.7 in.
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Coleman Clear Replacement Globe

86092 Available: 4
The Coleman Lantern Replacement Globe is a standard shape that fits numerous lantern models. It protects the fire from winds and encloses open flames. The lantern glass globe is translucent, so it provides optimal lighting. It can be used on your outdoor adventures, camping trips or at home just sitting outdoors after dark with family and friends. The replacement glass globe comes from a name you can trust in outdoor illumination. Always be prepared with these items because you never know what may happen. These are easy to replace and care for.
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Coleman Lantern Pump Repair Kit

87287 Available: 13
Find the Coleman lantern parts you need for your Dual Fuel Lantern with our selection of Coleman parts available online.
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Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Light

101929 Available: 3
Whether used as a lantern for soft light in your tent or as an area light for nighttime cooking and other camp tasks, the Light-A-Life Mini USB Light v2 from Goal Zero is a lightweight, portable means to illuminate your outdoor experience. This 110-lumen LED weighs just 2.4 oz and comes with a carabiner so you can hang it where you need it. With the frosted shade in place, it casts a diffused light. The 1.9-watt light can be chained in sequence with up to three more Light-A-Life lights for a complete lighting system. It plugs into any USB port.
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Goal Zero Light-A-Life Quad Light

101930 Available: 1
Light up the night while camping during any outdoor activity with the ultra-powerful and compact Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Quad USB Light set. These lights can be used as a lantern or a soft light to illuminate your outdoor experience, with 100-lumen LED lights and an attachment so you can hang it wherever you need it!
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UST Brands Pocket Lantern

115326 Available: 1
Pop-up LED light. The pocket lantern is the ultimate pocket-sized multi-tool. At the size of a credit card, it contains eight useful tools to perform a variety of jobs. It features a inch ruler, centimeter ruler, line cutter, flat head screwdriver, mini Phillips head screwdriver, mini flat head screwdriver and a Para cord lanyard.  Runs on CR1220 battery. To replace battery, lift lantern from housing and slide base forward.
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Nite Ize Radiant 100 Mini Lantern

115362 Available: 5
The radiant 100 mini lantern boasts 100 lumens and features a soft silicone dome that squishes down when packed. The Multimode switch activates both high and low white LED modes and a red LED mode. It also features a sliding carabiner clip so it can be conveniently hung from the middle as a down-light or from the side so it's flat against a wall.
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Nite Ize Radiant 200 Collapsible Lantern

115365 Available: 2
The radiant 200 collapsible lantern + flashlight packs a powerful 1-2 punch in an impressively compact and durable body. The convenient carabiner clip handle allows you to hang it as a lantern (with a down light when in lantern + flashlight mode) to provide full illumination of any area, or it can be collapsed with an easy sliding motion to become a bright handheld flashlight on the go.
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