Nite Ize Microlight Keychain

NIML Available:
The Inova STS Microlight has eliminated the need for a button. Instead, users can easily adjust the output level by simply swiping a thumb across a line of sensors. The "Swipe-to-Shine" design is incredibly easy to use, even in pitch black settings. The Inova STS microlight includes a rubber thumb grip, which helps a user control the light. When in the dark, find the grip with your thumb and then move it forward to find the notch in which the sensors are located. Swipe from right to left to turn the light on. Swipe again to change the output level or swipe to the left to turn the light off. This key-chain microlight offers 4 output levels: high, low, flashing strobe and a variable dimmer. The high mode puts out 16 lumens of light and can run for approximately 9 hours. Low mode offers s 2-lumen output, which has a 64-hour runtime. The key-chain light runs on 2 CR2032 coin cells, which are included with purchase, and are incredibly easy to replace, when needed.
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Nite Ize SpotLit Caribiner

SLGNI Available:
This bright little LED carabiner is multi-functional, mega-useful, and overall, a mighty handy little device.
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