127342 Available: 2
FirePit. See Fire, Not Smoke
Enjoy the warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke. With capacity for up to 4 standard firewood logs, the BioLite FirePit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and gives you a front-row seat to the magic thanks to the X-Ray mesh body, enabling 360 views. Lift the fuel rack and toss in charcoal to transform the FirePit into a hibachi style grill, complete with an included grill grate. Control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

Fuel: Burns firewood or charcoal
Burntime: 24hr on LOW, 10hr on MED, 5hr on HI
Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 15.8"
Weight: 19.8 lbs
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BioLite FirePit Cover

127343 Available: 2
Your FirePit becomes a fully self-reliant ecosystem of energy with Solar Carry Cover, a waterproof cover that uses the power of the sun to recharge the FirePit when not in use so your airflow system is always ready for your next burn.
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Jetboil Flash Jetcam Cooking System

148504 Available: 2
Blistering boil times come standard on our industry-leading Flash. By modeling the combustion and selecting materials to optimize efficiency, we were able to create the fastest Jetboil ever-cutting a full minute off our best boil time. 1 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy. Thermochromatic, color-change heat indicator. Convenient, reliable push-button igniter. Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl. Compatible accessories include Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, Pot Support, Skillet, FluxRing Cooking Pot and Utensils.
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Coleman Butane Instastart Stove

8121824 Available: 2
With The Coleman Butane Instastart Stove on the go cooking just got a little easier. With an ultra portable design and the included carry case this grill is ready whenever you are. It easily fits on most table tops.All you need to do is pull it out, lock in the separate butane cylinder, hit the Instastart ignition and your favorite dish will be ready in no time.
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Single Burner Powerpak Stove

8199259 Available: 6
Serve up hot breakfasts and dinners on the trail when you pack the Coleman PowerPack  Propane Stove. This compact, one-burner cooking tool is designed to fit a large 12-in. pan in its unique pot support system. The fully-adjustable heat goes from simmer to full boil with up to 7,500 BTUs of power. The PerfectFlow  technology will keep the heat steady, and you'll use less fuel too thanks to the Perfectheat  technology. When the meal is over, the chrome-plated grate removes for simple and quick cleanup. -- * PerfectFlow  technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions * PerfectHeat  technology for more efficient cooking with less fuel * 7,500 total BTUs of cooking power * Fits a 12-in. pan * Adjustable burner gives you precise temperature control * Large 3-in. burner heats Large stable base makes stirring easy * Lasts up to 3 hours on high on one 16.4-oz propane cylinder (sold separately)  * Perfect for camping, hunting, backpacking and other outdoor occasions * 3-year limited warranty
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BIOLITE Campstove 2 Bundle

8799421 Available: 1
See what you're cooking with BPA-Free high-temp top. 50% More power output than CampStove 1. 2600 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. Lightweight aluminum legs fold up and away for nested portability. LED Dashboard provides real time feedback on fire strength, power output, and fan speed settings. Micro USB charge-in; USB charge out. Four fan speeds. Fuel intake lid doubles as refueling source and chimney. FlexLight, Stuff Sack, Firestarter, USB cord, KettlePot, portable grill, and instructions included. Steel grill grate fits up to four burgers or six hot dogs.
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BIOLITE Wood Fuel Pellet 1kg

8864274 Available: 1
BioLite  Natural  Hardwood Pellets  2.2 lb. 2 hours of cooking time. Boils 15 L of water. Works with BioLite CampStove and CookStove.
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BIOLITE Portable Grill Attachment

8864316 Available: 2
Easy-to-clean stainless steel grill surface fits up to 4 hamburger patties or 6 hotdogs, on 55 square inches of surface area. High, medium and low temperature zones help you grill your foods to perfection. Great tasting wood grill flavor. BioLite wood-burning CampStove is sold separately.
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Jetboil Sumo Stove w/Bowl Set

M1018406 Available: 1
The Jetboil Sumo Group Cooking System integrates the all-weather Sol burner with the high capacity Sumo Companion Cup, yielding an unmatched blend of power, convenience, and efficiency for the full range of group backcountry cooking chores, from snow melting to simmering. The Sumo AL System includes the 3pcs Companion Bowl Set for increased serving capacity. Versatile Sumo supports a myriad of packing configurations, and is compatible with the full range of Jetboil accessories.
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Coleman Grill Stove EI Propane

M1029994 Available: 7
Saute veggies while you're grilling up chicken, or get the soup going while you're cooking up burgers when you pack the propane-powered Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove+. Just hit the Instastart push-button ignition to get things going on this durable, steel-crafted outdoor appliance that offers camp cooks a grill and stove at the same time. The stove surface fits a 10-in. pan, and the 130-sq.-in. grill area offers plenty of room. The stove and grill equally share 22,000 BTUs of fully-adjustable cooking power. Meanwhile, the PerfectFlow pressure control technology keeps the heat steady, even in extreme conditions. WindBlock panels help shield your flame from wind, and on calm days, they fold down for use as side tables. When the meal is over, the grates and grease management tray remove for simple and quick cleanup.
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Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System Carbon/Line Art

M1054694 Available: 3
Winner of Backpacker magazine's 2015 Editors' Choice Award, the MiniMo provides excellent simmer control and usability for making gourmet meals on your backpacking trips.
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Jetboil Pot Support

M1054709 Available: 8
The stainless steel Pot Support adapts the Jetboil burner for use with our 8 inch FluxRing Fry Pan and 1.5L FluxRing Cooking Pot, as well as a wide variety of traditional pots and pans. The support flanges lock securely to the burner base and they also fold so the Pot Support can be stowed inside Jetboil system cups.
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