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Engel DC Cord w/Plug

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This DC cord is a replacement for the DC cord supplied with all top-opening Engel fridge-freezers up to 43 Quarts in size. It also works with Engel fridge-freezer models up to 84Quarts. Length: 9ft Includes an Engel Thermal fuse (10Amps).
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Engel 10A Thermal Fuse

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The Engel 10 Amp Thermal Fuse is designed to protect your Engel.

It will cut at temperatures above 160. It will also cut iut if there is a current short circuit or if the polarity is reversed.
It can be found in the tip of the DC Cord Plug.

The fuse can only be tested using a continuity meter. Visual inspection will not indicate a blown fuse.

Engel 10amp Thermal Fuse

This fuse is standard on most top open models with a standard DC cord (MD14F, MHD13F-DM, MT17F-U1, MT27F-U1, MT35F-U1, MR040F-U1, MT45F-U1).
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Engel Dry Box Cooler 19Qt

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Quality injection molded
    All fittings are securely fixed with stainless steel screws and latches
    Recessed ergonomic carry handles
    Integrated shoulder strap
    Self stopping hinges
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Engel Dry Box 30Qt Cooler

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Sometimes, you need to keep things dry, cold, hot, or all three. These lightweight, airtight insulated cooler boxes are perfect companions on any adventure. If some ice does melt, and they tip over in you car - no problem. There will be no mess to clean up like normal coolers. The airtight gasket keeps hot air out and the cold in. The are waterproof up to a depth of 3ft. Available in 13, 19 and 30-quart capacities in either white or tan colorsModel: UC30, Volume: 30 Qt., Internal Dimensions: 16.5" x 9.5" x 11.5", External Dimensions: 19.5" x 12.5" x 14.5", Color: White
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