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Styrofoam Ice Chest 30Qt

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Lifoam's 3542 is the most popular picnic chest in it's size. It will keep 24 cans of your favorite beverage cool or use it to pack your picnic meal for the trip. With molded side handles it is easy to carry.
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Bottle Freeze Pack 8.5oz

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The Little Shiver.  Perfect for lunches!
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Lifoam 16oz Freezer Ice Pack

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Keep your food and beverages cool with the No. 1 brand of ice packs in the USA. Freez Pak reusable ice packs come in a variety of sizes and are all 100% made in the USA. These are great for packed lunch or use in large insulated totes and coolers. Freez Pak ice packs contain a safe premium formula are BPA free and are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene.
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Lifoam 42oz Freezer Ice Pack

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The Iceberg reusable gel ice from Lifoam comes in a large 42 ounce polypropylene leak-proof bottle. The superior gel formula offers extended cool time. This is a good size for using in your ice chest.
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Icepack Flexible Blanket

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This handy non-toxic cooler pack keeps food cold without the mess of ice. Simply freeze the pack. If fits neatly inside or snaps to the bottom of your container. This durable, re-usable pack eliminates waste. Just toss them into the freezer to re-freeze and use again. The Flexible Ice Blanket is great because it is flexible enough to wrap around items or squeeze into empty spaces in a cooler. Made in the USA. Rubbermaid Blue Ice Reusable Ice Packs, Blanket, Single (FG102406220).
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