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Bike Tube Glueless Patch Kit 6ea

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Self-adhesive patches that stretch, flex, twist, and turn right along with the tube. Lightly roughen tube with the included sandpaper, clean the area, apply patch, and done. Includes: 6 patches, sandpaper, in each case.
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Park Tool Tire Levers Set of 3

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Updated to be stronger, smoother, and more versatile, the TL-1.2 features a new material and redesigned tip for easier entry into just about any tire, including tubeless. Fits snugly in a saddle bag to take with you on the long rides that might require a tube change or two. The unique design lifts the tire away from the rim and features a spoke hook to use when multiple levers are needed.
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Bike Cleaning Brush Set

M65063 Available: 5
A clean bike runs better. Give you bike the love it deserves with this four brush set from Park Tool. Includes the GSC-1 gear cleaning brush, a tapered detail brush, a frame cleaning brush, and a soft bristle soaping brush. Dual density handles insure a comfortable positive grip even with wet hands.
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Park Bike Chain Cleaner System

M80865 Available: 4
At the heart of this system is the Park Cyclone Chain Scrubber. This chain cleaning tool gets extensive use in the Art's Cyclery service area. Just fill it with ChainBrite, lock it in place and turn your cranks backwards and your chain is clean in minutes. One feature that makes this chain cleaner so effective is the magnet on the bottom. Since most dirt and grime on your chain has some mineral content, all the crud that gets brushed off your chain gets stuck to the magnet at the bottom, so the brushes are continually scrubbing the chain with clean degreaser. The CG-2.2 Chain Gang Cleaning System includes an 8oz bottle of ChainBrite and a Gear Clean brush, everything needed to get your entire drivetrain clean.
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Park Rescue 21 Function Tool

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The Rescue Tool kits feature premium quality multi-tools that are perfect for repairs on the road.

Specifications & Features:
Includes nylon carrying case. Includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Hex Keys, 2 Tire Levers, Phillips and Flat-head Screwdrivers, T25 Torx, 8, 9, and 10mm Box-end Wrenches, Chainring Nut Wrench, 3 Spoke Wrenches, Dust Cap Remover, Knife, Bottle Opener.
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