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Escalade Sports STIGA Classic 2-Player Racket Set

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STIGA Classic 2-Player Set. Recreational Quality Set for Family Play. Two Hardbat Rackets and Three 1-Star White Balls. Rackets- Straight Handle, 5-ply Blade, and Surface Pips Out. Performance Ratings- Speed: 24, Spin: 28, Control: 48. STIGA 1-Star Balls are Regulation Size (40mm)
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Escalade Sports STIGA 72" Net and Post Set

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The Stiga Performance 72" Table Tennis Net & Post Set fits any size table, and sets up in minutes! With its steel extension metal posts and high-quality performance mesh net, this system is perfect for any table.
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Escalade Sports STIGA Reflex TableTennis Racket

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STIGA Reflex. Recreational quality table tennis racket for family play. Performance ratings- speed: 40, spin: 42, control: 55. Competition inverted rubber and 1.6 mm sponge. Concave handle and 5-ply blade. USA Table Tennis (USATT) Approved
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Franklin Table Tennis Balls 6pk

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Since the Olympic debut of table tennis in 1988, the sport has continued to grow exponentially. Today it is an official collegiate varsity sport in many regions of the United States. Along with the sport, the table tennis ball has continued to evolve based primarily on color and star rating. Color is based on contrast with the playing surface. Star rating refers to the uniformity and roundness of the ball. 40mm 1 star orange balls 6 ct. The bright orange color pops out in any setting, allowing you to enjoy better gameplay against your friends and family. The 1-star ball construction delivers increased control and a consistent bounce for enhanced enjoyment.
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Fat Cat White Foosballs 4pk

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These Fat Cat 36 mm regulation size foosballs feature a traditional solid white design. Each foosball measures 36 mm in diameter and is intended for use on most standard sized foosball tables. These foosballs are great for both casual and competitive foosballers who enjoy fast, intense games. Includes 4 foosballs in a protective clamshell packaging.
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Fat Cat Black & White Fooseballs

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Pack of 4 standard replacement Foosball balls to keep on hand, or to replace lost ones. Suitable for use on all full size foosball tables. 1.2" diameter balls.
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High Performance Paddle

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Designed for the player who competes regularly, and is skilled in playing techniques and tactics. With Trampoline Tension Technology, the rubber and sponge can either absorb the attacking ball or spring it away. Features a 2mm sponge, a 5-ply blade, and is ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved
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2 Paddle Table Tennis Set

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This is a great combo set by Viper. It includes two quality rackets and three table tennis balls. This is great for the player with some playing experience. The racket has the following ratings: Spin - 42, Speed - 52, Control - 93
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Escalade Sports STIGA Hardbat TableTennis Racket

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STIGA Hardbat. Recreational quality for family play. Regulation color- red and black faces. Surface- pips out. Speed: 24, spin: 28, control: 48. USA table tennis (USATT) approved.
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