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Shot King Black Dart Backboard

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The Viper dartboard surround is designed for you to enjoy target practice without worrying about your aim. It's constructed from MDF material and features a mahogany finish. The Viper dartboard protector has a black background, and it looks great in a recreation room. The backboard can be easily fitted onto most dartboards with ease. The board includes mounting hardware to cover the wall surrounding your elegantly finished basement or your funky garage.

Designed to protect the wall behind the dart board. Made from MDF. Mahogany finish with black felt backing. Fits most dartboards. Includes mounting hardware.
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Razorback Dartboard

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This official competition Viper Razorback Sisal Dartboard can be used for informal games with friends or tournament-style play. It features a durable self-healing face and incorporates 100 percent staple-free razor wires that help avoid bounce outs. The removable low-glare number ring helps provide for extended service life. This versatile Viper dartboard is compatible with both steel- and soft-tip darts.

Official competition Viper Razorback dartboard. Staple-free razor wires to prevent bounce outs. Self-healing board surface constructed of sisal fibers. Removable low-glare number ring to extend board's life. Accommodates both steel- and soft-tip dart sets. Mounting hardware. Game manual.
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Viper Hudson Collection Steel Tip Bristle Dartboard Cabinet

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The Viper Hudson Collection Dartboard Cabinet is made of a sleek, solid pine wood that gives it both durability and attractive look. The board comes with a lovely mahogany finish that will complement most any room easily. This Viper dartboard cabinet was made to allow you to enjoy your games at home in a style that even the most discerning guests will appreciate. This panel includes a dry-erase scoreboard to help give it that authentic pub feel. It also comes with an outchart, a marker and mounting hardware that makes installation simple. The wood dartboard cabinet has a box joint construction and brushed nickel hinges. Let this versatile piece keep you and your friends entertained on your weekends.

Specifications & Features:
Made of solid pine. Viper dartboard cabinet with a mahogany finish. Includes dry erase scoreboard, outchart, marker and mounting hardware. Fits most traditional sisal fiber steel-tip dartboards. Box joint construction and brushed nickel hinges. Open dimensions: 21-1/4"L x 41-1/2"W x 3-1/2"D. Inside dimensions: 20"L x 20"W x 2-1/8"D.
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