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Orion Signal Alert Kit

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12-Gauge Safety Launcher: Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty and bandolier that can hold up to 6 High Performance Signals. 4- 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals. USCG Approved as a Day or Nighttime signal, Altitude: up to 500 feet, Average Candlepower: up to 16,000 candela, Average Burn Time: up to 7 seconds, EXCEEDS USCG minimum requirements. Packed on a 4-Color Blister Card.
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Skyblazer Aerial Flare 4pk

M2280895 Available: 2
Pack of four USCG-approved day or night signal flares fit right in your vest pocket. New enhanced design with greater durability and resistance to moisture. Self-contained, waterproof and buoyant. Easy to use pull wire ignition. Launch as high as 450'. Signal Type: Red aerial flare. Light Output: 16,000 candlepower. Burn Time: Seven seconds. Average Altitude: Up to 450'. Deployment Method: Pull-wire ignition. USCG Day/Night
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