BSA Emblem Numeral Red Unit

10400BSA Available:
Red patch with Pack unit numerals for wear on an Official Cub Scout Uniform.

Boy Scouts of America Numeral Cub Den

1070BSA Available:
Den numeral patch for wear on the Official Cub Scout Uniform.

BSA Emblem Numeral Green Unit

1807BSA Available:
Green patch with Troop unit numerals for wear on an Official Boy Scout Uniform.

Pinecar Zinc Stick-On Weight 1.8oz

M2301436 Available: Out of stock
Set of Stick-On Designer Chassis Weights from Pinecar.  Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.

FEATURES: The heavier your car, the faster it goes
  Incremental weights allow you to adjust you car's weight, even on race day
  Ultra-safe, 99.99% lead-free weights are sectioned off into different sizes
  Drill 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter hole in the car and install the weight
  Carded packaging with instructions on rear

INCLUDES: One pair of zinc Stick-On Designer Weights
  Double-sided tape

  Glue and gap filler

SPECS:  Length: 2.8" (71.12mm)
  Width: .3" (7.62mm)
  Weight: 1.8oz (50.6g)

COMMENTS: Boy Scouts of America Officially Licensed Product

Pinecar Adjustable Stick-On Weight

M2301437 Available: Out of stock
Adjustable Stick-On Weight Set from Pine Car.

FEATURES: The heavier your car, the faster it goes.
  Incremental weights allow you to adjust your car's weight.
  Remove portion of weight needed with a pliers.
  Attach to bottom of car using the included double stick tape.
  Carded packaging with instructions on the rear.

INCLUDES: One Adjustable Stick-On Weight Set.

SPECS:  Length: 3-7/8" (98mm)
  Width:  1-1/2" (38mm)
  Weight: 1oz  (28g) per weight

BSA Pinewood Derby Axle Guard

M2301908 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Patented new guard keeps your Pinewood Derby car wheels aligned and secure, race after race. BSA-exclusive, under-car plate has a ridge that slides right into the pre-cut axle groove to straighten and secure axle to car body. Unique design allows for adequate track clearance and has no interference with car performance. Adds only .2 oz to car weight.

BSA Pinewood Derby Designs Book

M2302164 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
The pattern designer from Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets, Troy Thorne, guides young car designers step-by-step through the building of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of cool cars.

BSA Pinewood Derby Practice Track

M2302188 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Get your wheels rolling with this molded plastic practice track! The design of the track meets the official 3 1/2" standard for lane width and 1/4" center guide rails, so you'll know how your car fits on the track. Five molded sections are easily joined.Each section is 2' long.

Pinecar Tungsten Plate Weights 3oz

M2302219 Available: Out of stock
Set of 3oz Plate Tungsten Incremental Weights from Pine Car.

FEATURES: Tungsten is 1.7 times denser than lead
  Place more weight in a smaller precise area
  Incremental design allows weight placement in exact 1/16 oz. increments

INCLUDES: One Set of 3oz Plate Tungsten Incremental

REQUIRES: Installation

SPECS:  Weight: 3oz (85g)

BSA Official Pinewood Derby Car Wheels

BSAWHEEL Available:
The Official wheel and axle replacement parts for your Pinewood Derby car. 4 Wheels and 4 Axles, available in 5 different colors. Black, Ragin' Red, Screamin' Yellow, Outrageous Orange, and Blazin' Blue

Boy Scout Tiger Handbook

M1057410 Available: 25
This book is for Tigers and their adult partners. It tells about the Tiger program, gives information about dens, leaders, uniforms, and advancement, and includes ideas for planning a den program. The handbook guides Tigers through the six required adventures and 13 elective adventures that make up the Tiger program, and it helps them track their progress through the requirements for earning the Tiger rank

Boy Scouts of America Wolf Cub Handbook

M1057411 Available: 23
This handbook is designed for use by boys in the second grade (or who are 8 years old) who, as members of a Wolf den, work with their parents or adult guides to earn their Bobcat badge, then start along the trail to Wolf rank.