Boy Scouts

Cub Scout Shirt SS Medium

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The Cub Scout Short-Sleeve Uniform Shirt is crafted with durable double needle construction in a 67% cotton/33% polyester blend. Wearers enjoy the comfort of cotton next to your skin and easy care of polyester. Part of the official Cub Scout uniform for a Tiger Cub, Wolf Cub Scout or Bear Cub Scout. Comes with U.S. flag emblem attached.
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Boy Scouts of America Badge Magic Cut To Fit Kit

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This Badge Magic Adhesive Patch Kit is a godsend to people who don't know how to sew. This product offers an easy way to attach your patches without having to deal with a thread and needle. The Badge patch is a peel-and-stick adhesive that is machine washable for up to 50 cycles. No more stitch marks and no more crooked placement thanks to this item. It can also be repositioned using common household solvents. This adhesive fabric patch can also be used to repair small holes, hem pants, curtains and much more. It comes on an 8.5" x 12" sheet.
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