Fly Tools & Accessories

Fishpond Tippet Spool Cord

102002 Available: 5
A tippet spool holder is a tippet spool holder, unless it's from Fishpond. The Tippet Spool Cord combines flexibility with incomparable simplicity to take care of all commercially available tippet spools. Designed for easy-on, easy-off spool management, it has clips on both sides so you can secure it almost anywhere. Attaches to D-rings, cord loops. Nylon cord with plastic sheath. Duraflex clips for easy on/off attchment.
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Fishpond Beavertail Fly Patch

102003 Available: 2
Molded patch with high visibility foam. Two sided Velcro for multiple configuration options.
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RIO/Fishpond Headgate Holder

106253 Available: 4
Fishpond's Headgate tippet dispenser, pre-loaded with 5, 30 yard spools of Rio Powerflex tippet, (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X). The spring loaded hinge design allows an angler to easily add, remove and carry most tippet spools with ease. Just clip it on somewhere close and forget about the days of fishing through your waders, vest or pack searching for those loose spools. Dropped your nippers on the hike in? Not to worry, the Headgate also features a built in cutting blade for ultimate convenience. Annodized aerospace aluminum. Retractor/lanyard attachment hole with included clip. Razorblade line cutter . Holds up to 7 standard tippet spools. Secure spring loaded pull for access to change spools. Pre-loaded with 30 yard spools of Rio Powerflex tippet in 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.
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Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor Moss

117988 Available: 1
Quite possibly the most purposeful, elegant, and timeless piece of design by mankind is the arrowhead. This iconic treasure brings back visions of our American identity like nothing else. We add to this legacy with a new age tool that is machined and hand-crafted in Colorado. Instead of stone, we use 6060 aerospace aluminum. This could be the most purposeful and useful tool for any angler. 60/60 aerospace aluminum. 33" cord. 130lb test braided nylon line, with break strength of 147lbs. Built in carabiner clip attaches to D-rings, Hypalon tabs, sternum strap loops, coated webbing, etc.
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Umpqua Switch Sling 600 Granite

122809 Available: 2
As much as you try to simplify your fly fishing setup, you still manage to fill your pack up with fly boxes, line, split shot, tippet, and the obligatory flask. The Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack hauls everything you need for a day fishing for trout on your favorite local stream, and it keeps a low profile thanks to Umpqua's ZeroSweep design. The ZeroSweep design allows you to slide the pack around from your back to your belly to gain access to the two large fly boxes that you have stashed in the main compartment, and the external accessory ports keep your nippers and hemostats easily accessible when you're tying on a new fly after that crafty brown trout snapped your line around that submerged log. A simple and streamlined pack for fly fishing. Fully padded shoulder pad can be worn on either shoulder. Durable fabric with ballistic Corder reinforcements. Main compartment carries two large fly boxes. Front sleeves stows hemostats and nippers. Stowable tippet holder keeps tippet spools secure. D-ring can be used to secure landing net.
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Umpqua Rivergrip Zing & Nip Black

122816 Available: 1
Two of the most important and most used accessories for any angler in one combo pack. Includes a clip-on retractor, and a River Grip Nipper. Simply attach the nipper to the retractor and clip to vest or pack to keep nipper at your fingertips.
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Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff

147592 Available: 1
Fly Fishing takes us to beautiful, wild and rugged places in pursuit of our finned friends. Just hiked in a few miles to a beautiful stretch of water? Inevitably there will be trout rising on the far side of the river. Take a second to open your staff, wade in confidently through swift currents, and present your fly. Don't miss a step and have to shortchange your day and hike out wet. For general wading and hiking support. Made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing. Folds down into three sections for easy carry and storage. Locking button secures the folding sections when pulled tight. Additional quick release adjustable locking mechanism for adjustable height. Interior durable twisted metal cord coated in a protective polytube. Lightweight cork and foam handle. Adjustable webbing strap with neoprene padding. Included rubber tip (removable). Included wading staff pouch fits the staff perfectly when folded down. Pouch is made from thermoformed foam and ballistic nylon. Pouch is compatible with any wading belt up to 20 wide. Pouch includes a D-ring for attaching a retractor (not included).
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Fishpond Large Piopod Microtrash Contain

147593 Available: 2
Wildness connects us to the core of our purpose and makes us recognize our individual strengths. We can all make sure we are doing something every time we are out. The PIOPOD's are an angler essential that is designed for micro trash to be packed out and disposed of appropriately. Available in two sizes so you can pack it out regardless if your are in a drift boat, skiff, car, local stream, or backpacking deep in the backcountry. Help do your part to keep our wild places free of trash. Rugged, durable, Recycled PP construction with unique elastomeric cap readily accepts used leader, tippet, wrappers, drowned cigarette butts, etc. Specially designed to facilitate containment of waste monofilament line and tippet, and other plastics which can endure in the wild for hundreds of years. Designed to fit in any standard cupholder in your car or on your boat. Side attachment point makes it easy to zip-tie to a D-ring or lash to a boat.
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Rapala Fillet Glove

BPFG Available:
Keep all your digits intact with the Rapala Fillet Glove. A comfy blend of natural and synthetic fibers with stainless steel provides the best protection ever.
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No Knot Fly Eyelet Small

M1048514 Available: 4
Eliminates the knot in your fly line. No-Knot hangs on the guides of your rod. No splash when line hits the water. No-Knot eyelet inserts in the hollow core of fly line.
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No Knot Fly Eyelet Large

M1048516 Available: 4
Eliminates the knot in your fly line. No-Knot hangs on the guides of your rod. No splash when line hits the water. No-Knot eyelet inserts in the hollow core of fly line.
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Fishpond Confluence Net Release

M1049589 Available: 5
A complete magnetic net release system with the quality and attention to detail you expect from Fishpond. The perfect accessory to keep your Nomad Net close and always at the ready. 8lb magnet pull force. 12" coil expands to 96". Rubber strap to attach to top or botttom of net.
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