Sporting Knives

Gerber Controller Fillet Knife 8 in.

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Make short work of messy business. The Controller Fillet Knife System is designed for clean, smooth cuts with a flexible blade that provides just the right amount of give. The intuitive GuideFins and tactile HydroTread Grip offer ultimate control of the knife, even in slippery conditions.
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Clearwater Fillet Knife 7"

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The Kershaw 7" Fillet is perfect for filleting medium-to-larger fish with ease. The blade is made of Japanese 420J2 stainless steel ( highly corrosion resistant) with just the right degree of flex to make the job of filleting simple. This "softer" steel enables the blade to bend without breaking so that it moves easily through the body of the fish to give you the ideal fillet. The Kershaw 7" Fillet comes with an ABS sheath for storage or easy belt carry. Satin finish with co-polymer handle. 7" Blade length with an overall length of 12.25".
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Rapala 6" Fillet Knife w/Sharpener

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Rapala Fish'n Fillet Knives have progressively tapered, ultra-sharp blades constructed of Scandinavian stainless steel that runs the entire length of the handle. The classic birch handles are durable and offer a sure grip. The handle design includes an exclusive "lock notch" that secures the tang to brass ferrule for firm and rigid cutting power.

Included is an easy-to-use, single-stage sharpener that keeps the blade razor sharp and a genuine leather sheath that has a plastic inner sleeve for added safety.
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