Air Rifle Pumpmaster

81557 Available: 4
This Crosman 760 Pumpmaster air rifle has a five shot clip and bolt action to give you a great shooting experience. It also features a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight, making it easy to get an accurate shot.

Specifications and Features:
This dependable rifle offers an experience all its own. Over 12 million have been sold. Doubles as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun. Pellet velocity: up to 600 fps. BB velocity: up to 625 fps. Weight: 2.75 pounds. Length: 33.5 inches. Mechanism: bolt action. power source: pump. Caliber: .177. Pellet capacity: 5 shot clip. BB reservoir: 200. Barrel: smooth. Front Sight: fiber optic. Rear sight: adjustable for elevation. Safety: cross bolt. Material: synthetic
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Crosman Wadcutter Pellets .177

81568 Available: 14
The Crosman Wadcutters pellets are your best choice for paper target shooting. These .177 caliber pellets have a flat nose which easily punches into paper for rounder, crisper shots. Each of the 12 tins contains 250 pellets, providing you with enough ammo to last for round after round.

Specifications and Features:
Crosman Wadcutter Pellets 6177. .177 Caliber. 7.4 grain. Tin case. Lead projectile
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Copperhead 1500 BB's 4.5mm

82770 Available: 8
The only copper-coated steel BBs. Sold in a user-friendly, resealable plastic bottle with an easy-pour spout. Engineered and manufactured to be the roundest BB's, 1500 count copper coated BB's.
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Airgun CO2 Powerlets Boxed

82839 Available: 5
Provide your gas powered gun with a perfect companion with the Crosman Copperhead CO2 cartridges. Proven to be reliable and to deliver a consistent performance, these stainless steel, 12 gram cartridges fit just right and enhance your experience with your CO2 gun.

Specifications and Features:
Snug fit. 5 count package. 12 gram. Solid seal for a reliable, consistent performance with almost any gas powered gun
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Airpistol American Classic .177

88653 Available: 4
Whether it's for target practice or squirrel hunting, the Crosman single shot pellet pistol features a bolt action mechanism and a smooth, rifled steel barrel for bringing enjoyable efficiency to your next shooting event. To keep you light on your feet, it only weighs a pound.

Specifications and Features:
Pneumatic air pistol. Single action bolt design for easier cocking and loading. Rifled steel barrel for accuracy. Easy pump forearm for variable pump power. Fully adjustable rear peep or open sights. Fixed blade front. Variable pump power. Velocity: Up to 600 fps. Weight: 1.01 pounds. Length: 13.6 inches. Mechanism: Bolt Action. Power Source: Pump. Caliber: .177. Capacity: Single shot. Material: Zinc alloy, Synthetic grip and forearm
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Copperhead .177 Cal BBs 2500pk

88655 Available: 9
The Crosman Copperhead pellets are one of the superior choices for the serious air gunner. Each pellet is consistent in size and weight as well as resistant to wear and heat. The pellets offer accurate shots for hunting and competitions.

Specifications and Features:
.177 Caliber. 1.957 Grain. Copper coated steel. Resealable plastic bottle with an easy pour spout
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Crosman Vigilante BB/Pellet Revolver

124038 Available: 2
Those tin cans and zombie targets have been taunting you from the backyard. Take matters into your own hands with the new Vigilante air pistol!

The Vigilante is a double action, semi-auto revolver that shoots pellets and BBs. Included is a 10-shot pellet clip and a 6-shot BB clip. It's powered by CO2 and shoots pellets up to 435 fps and BBs up to 465 fps through a 6-inch rifled steel barrel. Additional pellet clips (407T) & BB clips (408T). The Vigilante has a fixed blade front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight. The dual accessory rails can accomodate picatinny or weaver mounts for attaching a scope, laser, or flashlight for the ultimate backyard plinking air pistol.
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Crosman C11 BB Pistol Co2

124039 Available: 2
4.5 mm CO2 Powered, BB pistol - This semi-automatic CO2 powered pistol combines hand-held comfort with quality components, at an affordable price. It features a velocity of up to 480 feet per second and an accessory rail under the barrel. The C11 also features a removable magazine for BBs, as well as grips that slide back for easy replacement of CO2 Powerlets.
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Crosman 250Ct .177 Point Pellet

8010464 Available: 23
These Crosman airgun pointed pellets are designed to give you greater penetration at long range. Used with a Crosman .177 air rifle, these pellets work well for fun or sport. The pellets are great for just plinking targets and are excellent for hunting small animals and rodents.

Specifications and Features:
Crosman Airgun Pointed Pellets P177 . Caliber: .177. Type: Pointed 7.4 Grains. Quantity: 1 tin of 250 pellets. Greater Penetration at Long Range. Made of Lead
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Airgun CO2 Powerlets 25pk

8435893 Available: 13
20pk of Co2 Cartdriges that fit most all Airsoft and Paintball guns that use a standard size 12 gram cartridge. They are Premium Licensed Crossman Co2 cartridges that are the standard 12 gram size. Compatible with all CO2 gas powered guns that accept a standard size container. For compressed gas guns only. Lasts for approximately 250 shots depending on gun. Length: 3.25". Diameter: 11/16". 25pk of new Licensed Crossman 12 gram cartridges
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Prowler .177 Air Rifle

8435919 Available: 2
Use one of the most powerful air guns on the market when you try out the Benjamin Prowler Break Air Rifle from Crosman. This gun has a powerful muzzle speed of 1,200 fps and uses .177 caliber ammunition. It also features a fixed scope. Velocity 1200 fps with alloy pellets, 1000 fps with lead. Nitro Piston technology reduces recoil. 70 percent quieter than most break barrels. Two stage adjustable trigger. CenterPoint 4x32 air rifle scope. Excellent choice for small game hunting, pest control and target shooting. Reduces recoil. 70 percent quieter than most break barrels. Will get you on target accurately, shot after shot. .177 caliber. Break barrel Nitro piston power. Rifled steel barrel. Capacity 1 round. Synthetic stock. Overall length 45 inches. Weight 6.5 pounds
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GI Air Pistol Model 1911

M1017384 Available: 4
Semi-Auto Blowback BB Pistol. Realistic blowback action.* Full-metal construction. Checkered polymer grips. Full-metal magazine holds 20 BBs. Convenient, detachable magazine for quick reloading.Innovative tool built into grip for easy replacement of CO2. Fixed-blade front and fixed-notch rear sights. 480 fps.
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