Pocket Sharpening Stone 3"

21169 Available: 6
3" x 7/8" x 3/8", Pocket Sharpening Stone.
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Smith's Honing Oil 4oz

23877 Available: 8
Smith's specially formulated Honing Solution is nonpetroleum based and features built-in stone cleaning agents and rust/corrosion inhibitors. It is excellent for lubricating your Arkansas or Diamond Stone when sharpening. Never use an Arkansas Stone without some kind of lubricant, or you will clog the pores and cause it not to sharpen properly. Diamond Stones can be used dry, but we recommend that you use a lubricant for better performance.
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Arkansas Sharpening Stone w/Pouch 4"

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Knife Sharpener, 4 inch x 1 inch x 3/8 inch Medium Arkansas Stone With Fabric Pouch, Features Fold Over Flap & Belt Loop, Clam Shell Peggable Card.
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Crosman Wadcutter Pellets .177

81568 Available: 14
The Crosman Wadcutters pellets are your best choice for paper target shooting. These .177 caliber pellets have a flat nose which easily punches into paper for rounder, crisper shots. Each of the 12 tins contains 250 pellets, providing you with enough ammo to last for round after round.

Specifications and Features:
Crosman Wadcutter Pellets 6177. .177 Caliber. 7.4 grain. Tin case. Lead projectile
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Copperhead 1500 BB's 4.5mm

82770 Available: 8
The only copper-coated steel BBs. Sold in a user-friendly, resealable plastic bottle with an easy-pour spout. Engineered and manufactured to be the roundest BB's, 1500 count copper coated BB's.
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Airgun CO2 Powerlets Boxed

82839 Available: 5
Provide your gas powered gun with a perfect companion with the Crosman Copperhead CO2 cartridges. Proven to be reliable and to deliver a consistent performance, these stainless steel, 12 gram cartridges fit just right and enhance your experience with your CO2 gun.

Specifications and Features:
Snug fit. 5 count package. 12 gram. Solid seal for a reliable, consistent performance with almost any gas powered gun
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Swiss Army Reciut Knife 3.5 in.

87134 Available: 7
When the outdoors are calling you, don't just take a message. Get out there and enjoy, and bring your Recruit pocket knife with you. Whatever happens, the Recruit is the helpful, reliable, all-rounder that you can count on. Keep it in your pocket for all your everyday adventures.
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Copperhead .177 Cal BBs 2500pk

88655 Available: 10
The Crosman Copperhead pellets are one of the superior choices for the serious air gunner. Each pellet is consistent in size and weight as well as resistant to wear and heat. The pellets offer accurate shots for hunting and competitions.

Specifications and Features:
.177 Caliber. 1.957 Grain. Copper coated steel. Resealable plastic bottle with an easy pour spout
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Umarex Big Blast Target Caps

104294 Available: 5
Umarex Big Blast Target Caps
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Howard Leight TrustFit Pod Earplugs

104458 Available: 11
The Howard Leight signature soft foam has been engineered to include dimples in the tip of the pod. The dimples allow the foam to collapse to allow for easy and gentle insertion of the earplug without the need to roll-down. No roll-down helps to reduce hygiene concerns from workers touching the foam with soiled hands or gloves.
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Gerber Airlift Knife Silver

122774 Available: 25
RUGGED. SLIM. SECURE. A smart combination of two best-selling designs, the Airlift offers the durable steel frame of the Paraframe with the streamlined blade and handle design of the RipStop. The result is an everyday carry knife that is light in the pocket yet extremely resilient in use.
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Gerber Paralite Knife Rose

122775 Available: 5
RUGGED. SLIM. SECURE. An everyday carry knife should be durable and easy to operate in a pinch the Paralite does just that. With an all steel construction and a robust modern drop point blade, this slim knife fits into your pocket yet is extremely strong. Dual thumbstuds grant easy access to the blade and the frame lock makes it simple to close with one hand.
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