DryGuy Shoe Dryer

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Gently heated forced air eliminates unwanted moisture in about an hour with a whisper quiet rotary fan. Helps keep odor causing bacteria, fungus, and molds from forming. Durable, compact design. Safe for all types of footwear and gloves.
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Yaktrax Shoe Traction Large

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Yaktrax Diamond Grip Large
*Gender: Unisex
*Material: Rubber/Steel
*Product Type: Snow and Ice Traction
*Color: Black
*Size: W 10.5+/M 9.5-12.5
*Waterproof: Yes
*Number in Package: 1 pair
*Height: N/A in.
*Weight: 0.7 lb.
*Steel Toe: No
*Usage: Snow and Ice Traction Device
*ANSI Certified: No
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Select Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

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Consuming minimal power wattage, the Simple Dry is both economical and safe to use on all types of footwear and gloves, without fear of shrinking or stiffening. Having no moving parts, it works in complete silence as it dries boots and shoes while you sleep, leaving you to start your day with warm comfortable feet. Unlike other convection dryers, the Simple Drys unique design allows you to dry gloves without the need for additional

Reduces odors caused by bacteria that live in perspiration. Helps prevent molds and fungus from forming. Completely Safe - Will not damage leathers, fabrics, or other materials. Economical- Functions on just 30 watts! Extends the life of your footwear. No Moving Parts - Completely Silent! Power: 120V AC Household Outlet, 30 Watts. Dry Time: 6-8 hours. Dimensions: 9" x 23" x 10". Weight: 3.5 lbs. Material: ABS Plastic.
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Kamik Women's Boot Liner 1 Size 9

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Kamik comes from a place of extremes. Where the harshest conditions intersect with some of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see. At Kamik, we make footwear that brings to life our northern origins. Singular. Strong. Simply dependable. We've been doing it for over 100 years. Day after day. 24/7. The result of all this effort: a complete line of outdoor footwear built to deliver superior comfort and reliable protection in the most extreme conditions. We know you wouldn't have it any other way.
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Travel Dry DX Boot & Shoe Dryer

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Hybrid drying technology is a patented ram-air ventilation system. Travel dry DX was developed utilizing wind science principles to blend ram-air Induction with the thermal convection philosophy. Fresh air is drawn over the thermal heating elements with a powerful fan and vents warm air aggressively throughout the toe box removing wetness or warming chilly boots or shoes in a fraction of the time.

Hybrid convection and forced-air drying System heats to approximately 99 degrees. Dries two boots or shoes (1 pair) in 2-5 hours. AC/DC power adaptor for Use at home or on the road. Will not damage fragile materials in footwear or other garments. Helps reduce odors caused by bacteria, fungus and mildew.
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