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Tenkara -The Book

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In tenkara the book, Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo shows just how simple fly-fishing can be. This book is a complete guide to the techniques, gear, history and philosophy of tenkara, the Japanese method of fly-fishing. It is also a manifesto on fly-fishing simplicity. An angler picking up a tenkara rod for the first time will find this books concepts well laid out and intuitive. The experienced angler will appreciate the simpler approach to fly-fishing and the advanced techniques shared in the book. Throughout the book Daniel brings the reader along a journey of learning tenkara directly from the masters in Japan as he shares information on the methods equipment and techniques. tenkara - the book was designed to be interactive and take advantage of all the resources we have created over the years. Thorough the book readers will find QR (quick read) codes that will give access to the videos, podcast episodes and other complementary information to the chapters at hand. The best way to keep fly-fishing simple is to learn how to rely more on technique rather than gear. This book contains that knowledge.
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Guide to National Parks of the USA

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Guide to National Parks of the United States [7th edition]

Packed with more color photographs (380) and detailed color maps (80) than any other parks guidebook on the market, this handy, practical guide, completely updated for the 2012 edition, offers comprehensive information on the crown jewels of the national park system--the 58 scenic national parks that conserve and protect the flora and fauna in some of our nation's last wilderness areas.

This guide helps travelers design custom trips depending on the time and interests they have. The parks are grouped region by region so that vacationers can plan trips to one or more central location. Each chapter is introduced by a map and a geographical profile, followed by the parks in alphabetical order. Individual parks start with a portrait of the natural wonders available, their history, and the ecological setting and stresses they face.

A practical "How to Get There" follows with suggestions on when best to visit and a "How to Visit" section with advice on which activities to engage in, how much time to provide for each, and how to savor the beauty of the place. After the descriptions, each park has an "Information & Activities" page with detailed visitor information, including the location of the visitor centers, the fees, pet guidance, special advisories, camping, and lodging details. Suggested brief, nearby excursions are provided to encourage the traveler to explore beyond the park boundaries.

This update includes the lastest information on the 2009 tsunami that devistated America Samoa National Park, information on road changes that resulted from the recent flooding in Olympic National Park, and changes in Arches National Park, including the collapse of Wall Arch in late 2008. The new edition also has 200 new photos by noted nature photographer Phil Schermeister. These pictures, many of which have never been published before, reflect the beauty and grandeur of our national treasures, while the accompanying text, written by experienced National Geographic writers who have traveled the parks, is full of personal, useful, and practical information.
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Curtis Creek Manifesto

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A fully illustrated guide to the strategy, finesse, tactics and paraphernalia of fly fishing. By Sheridan Anderson.
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Colorado's Best Fishing Waters Book

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Maps, maps, and more maps! Colorado's Best Fishing Waters has 213 detailed full-color 8-1/2 x 11 maps of 73 of the best rivers, lakes, and streams in Colorado. Each water has a large overview map of the entire water. Then there are a number of maps for each section of that water showing river miles, access points with GPS coordinates, boat launches, rapids, dams, public and private roads, campgrounds, and fishing notes. Here are just some of the waters covered: the Animas River, Arkansas, Big Thompson, Blue, Colorado, Dolores, Eagle, Elk, Frying Pan, Gunnison, Laramie, North Platte, Rio Grande, Roaring Fork, San Juan, St. Vrain, Yampa, and more along with the lakes: Aurora Reservoir, Grand Mesa Lakes, Jackson Reservoir, Lake Granby, Pearl Lake, Red Feather Lakes, Steamboat Lake and many more. This is the most comprehensive book of angling maps ever created for Colorado s rivers and lakes.
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A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

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Over 100 fishing destinations in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area (IPWA)have been detailed with topographic maps, trail profiles, fishing tips, destination notes and photographs. The 160-page book contains over 100 vivid full-color photographs of the fly fishing destinations in the IPWA. The book contains 14 pages of charts and tables containing detailed river and lake data, hatch charts and hiking trail information. The book also contains over 50 local expert and guide favorite fly patterns not found in other books. It is packed with information about every water in IPWA containing fish. It is the most complete and thorough book ever written about fishing one of America's most popular Wilderness Areas.
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Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes & Secret Places

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Colorado's high elevation offers spectacular, often tremendous fishing that is more often relayed via rumor than reliable report. But in the Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes and Secret Places, veteran angler Mike Kephart gives you the scoop on which Colorado mountain and wilderness lakes and creeks fish well, how to get there, the difficulty of access, and what you can expect to catch. These largely untapped fisheries can be off the table to anglers who can't invest the time and effort required to access them only to find poor fishing. Kephart has done the leg-work and the cast-work - to determine which lakes hold the big ones, the high populations, the hatches, and the rare species like greenback cutthroat and golden trout. The fish in these hard-to-access places can be eager to eat, so getting to the right ones is worth the effort. Beyond the lakes, Kephart covers some remote canyons and gorges, and side canyons within gorges where he's found excellent fishing. The author has done the research, sometimes fishing the lakes several times before discovering the bounty. He also covers forest fires, oil development and grazing as those topics apply to fly fishing in the area. Mike Kephart has paid his dues and yours -- take advantage of this great opportunity with this new guide from Wilderness Adventures Press.
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The Orvis Beginner's Guide to Carp Flies

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Carp are one of the most widely distributed and abundant fish in North America. Their prodigious size and habit of finning in shallow water make them appear to be easy fly-fishing targets. In reality, most anglers quickly discover that they are extremely difficult to hook on a fly. It takes years to discover how to catch them consistently. The reason? Carp can be very selective about what flies they will take.

This book will help to short-circuit that learning curve. Carp's selectivity can be boiled down to diet. Understanding what they are eating allows the angler to choose and tie a fly that will produce. The Orvis Beginner's Guide to Carp Flies walks the flyfisherman through the steps of identifying the most likely food source, illustrating the best patterns that imitate that food, and discussing how to effectively present those flies. With detailed information on tying all of the important carp flies, this book eliminates months of trial and error in your fly selection.
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Wild in the City: Fauna & Flora of Colorado Urban Spaces

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Join artists, Dorothy DePaulo and Heidi Snyder on an inspirational journey of discovery as they explore the plants and animals in the parks and open spaces in the Front Range of Colorado. Both are nationally and internationally recognized artists and have spent countless hours of field observation and taken thousands of reference photos (some featured in the book) in urban green areas. Based on these references they have created detailed and scientifically correct drawings presented in an artistic manner. These gorgeous colored pencil drawings are unique in that the fauna and flora are shown in relationship to each other. The subjects of these drawings have been extensively researched and are accompanied by interesting facts. The purpose of the book is to raise public awareness on how nature interacts with an ever-changing environment and is intended to further reveal the range of plants and animals living in urban spaces. Due to its multi-media/multi-discipline approach, the book will span all age groups and appeal to many interest groups.
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Tenkara Magazine 2016

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The 2016 Tenkara Magazine is the 3rd Tenkara Magazine published by Tenkara USA, and they only keep getting better. With contributions by all our teachers in Japan and several carefully selected stories by tenkara anglers, this issue provides a fascinating read that covers how-to's, culture, philosophy and much more. The theme of the magazine is "tenkara flies", with some neat pieces on flies and materials, but it features a wide-range of stories.

The Tenkara Magazine has no advertising, and offers us 98 pages of delightful writing and imagery.
//Streamside Coffee//
Jetboil Joe, by Allison Pluda
Mountain Mud, by Steve Schweitzer
Creek Coffee, by Tom Claycomb III
Press for Coffee, by Daniel Galhardo

Encountering Katsutoshi Amano, by Daniel Galhardo
Interview with Katsutoshi Amano, by Adam Trahan

//A Cast of Two (couples who fish together)//
Fishing Together, by Skylar DeVoogd
Shared Experiences, by Mark and Judy Cole
Utah's Aquarius Plateau, by David and Mary Gayle Sartwell

//From the Field to the Stream//
Healing Deep Wounds, by Dennis Vander Houwen
A Soldier's Therapy, by Melissa J. Alcorn

//Philosophy and More//
Forest Bathing, by Doug Schnitzspahn
A Journey Toward Simplicity, by Robert J. Romano Jr.
In Harmony with Nature, by Yuzo Sebata
Fishing on the Run, by Ron P. Swegman
Don't Let the Fish Sense you, by Masami Sakakibara
Japanese Lessons, by Daniel Galhardo
Unreel Watercolor, by Thom Glace
Last Child on the River, by Daniel Silverberg

Texas Hill Country, by Chris Johnson
Utah Canyons, by Dave Blackhurst
Italian Waters, by Vito Rubino
UK Grayling, by Dave Southall
Remote Joys (WY), by Allison Pluda
Rediscovering Silver Creek (Colorado), by Sam Larson

//Tenkara Flies//
The Simplicity of Kebari, by D. Hisao Ishigaki
Origins of Japanese Flies, by Yoshikazu Fujioka
Unique Materials, by Daniel Galhardo
The Contemporary Kebari, by Takashi Yoshida
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Boulder Impressions

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Book: Boulder Impressions
Photography and text by Mike Barton
foreword by Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter
From the Flatirons to the Pearl Street Mall and everything in between.
book is a photographic tour of Boulder.  Mike Barton has captured this city at many of it's signature moments including Kinetics and the Bolder Boulder 10K.  Historic buildings, scenery during all seasons and all the landmarks you associate with Boulder, Colorado.
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Colorado Adventure Guide

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The only Colorado guidebook you need for year-round, self-propelled adventure! Whether you are visiting Colorado for the first time or are a seasoned outdoor veteran, the Colorado Adventure Guide has something for you. This guidebook has been carefully tailored to provide an excellent balance of easy, moderate, and difficult adventures for: hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, trail running, cross country ski touring, backpacking. The Northern Edition of the Colorado Adventure Guide covers the following areas: Golden and Denver, Boulder Foothills, Northern Front Range (Indian Peaks Wilderness, Nederland, Brainard Lake, and James Peak Wilderness), Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Evans Wilderness, Summit County (Breckenridge, Frisco, Lake Dillon, and Keystone), Vail and Copper Mountain, Steamboat Springs and the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness, Winter Park and Fraser. Features: Extensive Introduction with information related to navigation, equipment, safety, outdoor ethics, and photography basics; Easy-to-use icons and summary boxes to simplify activity selection; Over 400 full color pages with numerous inspirational, full color photographs; Over 75 area maps and hundreds of accurate, tested route descriptions.
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