Maps & Atlases

Idaho Springs & Georgetown Map

M2320230 Available: Out of stock
Coverage includes Arapaho and Pike national forests Mount Evans Wilderness Idaho Springs Georgetown Montezuma Keystone Clear Creek Chicago Lakes and Summit Lake. 14ers include - Mt Evans Mt Bierstadt Grays and Torreys peaks. Also includes Loveland Webster Juniper and Guanella passes. Ski Areas - Arapaho Basin Loveland and Keystone. Includes UTM grids for use with your GPS unit. Approximately 4.25in x 9.25in folded and 27in x 39in fully opened.

Colorado Atlas & Gazetteer

M2320920 Available: Out of stock
Rely on a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer for the utmost in trip planning and backcountry access. Contains topographic maps with unbeatable detail, plus gazetteer information on great places to go and things to do. Each atlas is a quality paperback; size 11" x 15-1/2"

Boulder Creek Watershed Map

M2327186 Available: Out of stock
The first printing of the 12 page color map and guide, which includes all of Middle Boulder Creek drainage from the Continental Divide down to 55th Street is now available.

It includes all high lakes, trailheads and mileage to each lake and also shows you where the private land begins and ends. There is an extensive double page spread showing all the creek from Barker Dam through the Boulder Creek path and most of the pullouts and parking areas along that stretch.

Additionally, we have included three sections of the South Boulder Creek drainage from the Continental Divide down to Baseline Road. Each section shows lakes and the creek reaches with mileage and trailhead parking areas. There are notations showing private property and access points for anglers.

Of special interest is the Walker Ranch section showing both the overall view of the angling accesses below Gross Reservoir and an exploded, detailed view of the most important angling accesses. The lower section of South Boulder Creek shows the public and private sections of creek access all the way down to Baseline Road and the mileage covered by the trails following the creek.

Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park Map

M2320100 Available: 11
Coverage includes Rocky Mountain National Park Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest Never Summer Wilderness Arapaho National Recreation Area and the cities of Granby and Estes Park. Revisions to this map include easy-to-read trail mileage and markers

Yellowstone Nat'l Park Map

M2320105 Available: 4
More than just a map, National Geographic Trails Illustrated topographic maps are designed to take you into the wilderness and back. Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof material, this map can go anywhere you do. Each map is based on exact reproductions of USGS topographic map information, updated, customized, and enhanced to meet the unique features of each area. The maps include valuable wilderness tips and Leave No Trace guidelines, along with updated trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds, and much more. With a new color palette and stunning shaded relief, backcountry navigation has never been easier. Detailed and accurate coverage for Yellowstone National Park. Includes a detailed road network and popular trails, complete with use restrictions, mileages, elevation gains, and difficulty ratings. Popular attractions and park services are clearly identified. UTM and Latitude/Longitude grids ensure ease of use with GPS or compass navigation.

Needles/Canyonlands Map

M2320155 Available: 1
The National Geographic - Trails Illustrated folded map is your essential guide for outdoor exploration in Canyonlands National Park/Needles/Island. The brilliantly illustrated topographical representation shows all trails, campsites, and recreational features, plus relevant info on wildlife, history, geology, and archaeology. All data is updated to reflect road closings, new trails, and campground relocation. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating that offers supreme durablity for your next outdoor adventure.

Arches/Canyonlands Map

M2320160 Available: 3
With over 2,000 natural stone arches and hundreds of other extraordinary geological formations, Arches National Park is a red rock wonderland. National Geographic's Trails Illustrated map of the park combines unmatched detail with helpful information to offer an invaluable tool for making the most of your visit to this iconic region. Created in partnership with local land management agencies, this expertly researched map features key areas of interest including Devils Garden, the Windows Section, Sand Flats Recreation Area, the Sovereign area, and Wolfe Ranch. The print version of the map includes fascinating information about the park's geology, archeology, history, and culture, as well as contact information and regulations. The trails are clearly marked and mileage between intersections is provided. River mileage on the Colorado River is noted as well, for those exploring by boat. Trail and road summaries provide the location, starting point, duration, and difficulty for a variety of suggested routes. Mountain bike trails are color-coded based on degree of difficulty, and motorcycle and ATV trail use is clearly noted. The map base includes contour lines and elevations for summits. Some of the many recreation features include interpretive trails, campgrounds, river access, picnic areas, and points of interest. Every Trails Illustrated map is printed on "Backcountry Tough" waterproof, tear-resistant paper. A full UTM grid is printed on the map to aid with GPS navigation. Other features found on this map include: Arches National Park, Salt Valley.

Boulder/Golden Map

M2320209 Available: 7
Coverage includes Boulder County Open Space Parks, City of Boulder County Open Space and Mountain Parks, Jefferson County Open Space Parks, Eldorado and Golden Gate Canyon State Parks, Denver Mountain Parks, Arapaho, Roosevelt and Pike national forests. Also includes Boulder, Golden, Evergreen, Lyons, Lakewood, Morrison, and Aspen Park. UTM tick marks and trail mileage matrix included.

Indian Peaks/Gold Hill Map

M2320220 Available: 11
Coverage includes Roosevelt and Arapaho national forests Indian Peaks Wilderness Arapaho National Recreation Area Tabernash Fraser Nederland Eldora Ward Peaceful Valley Lake Granby Barker and Beaver reservoirs Pawnee Arapaho and Rollins passes. Devils Thumb cross-country ski area. Includes UTM grids for use with your GPS unit. Approximately 4.25in x 9.25in folded and 27in x 39in fully opened.

Winter Park/Central City Map

M2320225 Available: 11
Coverage includes Roosevelt and Arapaho national forests Indian Peaks and Byers Peak Wilderness Eldora Central City Empire Fraser and Winter Park Berthoud Pass Fraser River Clear Creek St. Marys Glacier and Peterson lakes. Also includes Fraser Experimental Forest and a portion of the Continental Divide Trail. Ski Areas - Eldora Winter Park and Mary Jane Devils Thumb cross-country ski area. Includes UTM grids for use with your GPS unit. Approximately 4.25in X 9.25in folded and 27in x 39in fully opened.

Tarryall/Cheeseman Reservoir

M2320235 Available: 4
Coverage includes Pike National Forest, Lost Creek Wilderness, Pine, Bailey and Jefferson. Also includes the Kenosha, Bison, Stoney and Hankins passes, Tarryall Reservoir, the North Fork of South Platte and Wellington Lake, and a segment of the Colorado Trail. Includes UTM grids for use with your GPS unit.

Vail/Frisco/Dillon Map

M2320250 Available: 3
Coverage includes the White River and Arapaho national forests Eagles Nest and Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness areas Redcliff Minturn Vail Silverthorne and Frisco. Also includes the Dillon Reservoir Eagle and Blue rivers Willow Lakes Tenmile Canyon National Recreation Area Shrine and the Vail Silverthorne Ptarmigan Red Buffalo and Uneva passes. Ski Areas covered include Copper Mountain and Vail. 10th Mountain Huts - Shrine Mountain Inn. Portions of the Continental Divide Trail and Colorado Trail are also covered. Includes UTM grids for use with your GPS unit. Approximately 4.25in x 9.25in folded and 27in x 39in fully opened.