Storage & Organizers

Paper Towel Holder White

60981 Available: 6
Paper towel holders White plastic paper towel holder can be mounted under cabinet or on wall with concealed hardware (included).
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InterDesign Classico S Hook Chrome

5272356 Available: 6
Create convenient hanging storage for you clothing accessories in an instant with a Classico S Hook Accessory Hanger. The closet storage hook hangs securely on a closet rod and is ideal for holding ties, belts or scarves. Perfect for use at home or while traveling. Offering quick and simple hanging storage for a variety of clothing accessories, the Classico S Hook Accessory Hanger is perfect for storing your favorite ties, belts, scarves, or a handbag right at your fingertips in any closet.
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Over Rod 8 Loop Scarf Holder

5636840 Available: 2
For closet storage of all your clothing accessories, this eight loop hanger offers ample opportunities. Fit scarves, ties, belts and more in the many loops that emanate from the hanger. Three different loop sizes to accommodate all your needs. Simply hangs from your closet rod like any other hanger. Made of durable steel wire.
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Regular Vinyl Sink Mat 13.5"x 11"

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Add grip and cushioning to your sink with this PVC Euro mat. Regular-sized mat measures 11 by 13.5-Inch. Made of flexible clear vinyl.
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Vinyl Sink Mat Clear

6095764 Available: 2
Add extra protection to your sink with the InterDesign SinkWorks Mat. Made of pliable, durable PVC, this mat will help cushion the bottom of the sink and keep fragile items from breaking or chipping.
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Suction Sponge & Scrub Center

6100994 Available: 8
The InterDesign Plastic Suction Sponge and Scrubber Center is a convenient solution for storing sponges or soap. Simply place the holder in the sink using the durable suction cups and add instant storage!
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Suction Sink Center Sponge Holder

6101059 Available: 19
Simplify sponge storage with the InterDesign Sinkworks Suction Sink Center in Polished Silver finish. Just place on the inside of any sink for instant sponge or scrubby storage
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InterDesign Forma Over The Counter Hook

6134134 Available: 4
An extra hook in the kitchen is probably something every cook can use. Forma Over Cabinet Hook by InterDesign can be hung either inside or outside cabinets. Designed to attach to any standard-size cabinet doors or drawer fronts, the inside of the hooks non-absorbent foam lining protects cabinets and prevents slipping. Perfect for potholders or kitchen towels, hook features a brushed stainless-steel finish, and hook can be moved at any time.
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InterDesign Linus Drawer Organizer 9 in. X 9 in. X 2 in.

6151799 Available: 4
The InterDesign Linus Multi Drawer Organizer is a great catchall for your kitchen storage needs. Designed to fit standard drawers, this square plastic organizer will help maximize drawer space. Non-skid feet.
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InterDesign Linus Turntable 11 in. Clear

6199343 Available: 4
Great for the pantry or kitchen table, this durable plastic turntable will help you organize and locate your most used kitchen products like condiments, spices and napkins. Keeping everything tidy, organized and easy to reach, the lazy susan can be used in deep cabinets or on high shelves to make accessing the contents easier. Nothing gets lost at the back of the storage cabinet, just one quick spin of the turntable and it's right at the front. Durable stainless steel ball bearings ensure that the lazy susan rotates smoothly, so locating items becomes completely effortless, and an integral lipped edge keeps the contents secure when the turntable tray spins.
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InterDesign Kitchen Binz 16"x 6"x 5"

6295067 Available: 12
This InterDesign Kitchen Bin is great for quick and easy organization of your kitchen and pantry. Organize small jars, bottles or spices and allow them to be easily seen. This bin will help to optimize wasted space and is constructed to last.
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InterDesign Fridge & Pantry Binz 8"x 8"x 6"

6295075 Available: 3
Keep your pantry or refrigerator neat and organized with this stacking Clear Plastic Storage Bin, available in the 8 inch by 8 inch size. Now you can organize everything into categories, making it easier to find just what you are looking for quickly and easily. These plastic bins are constructed from durable, easy to clean plastic, and their stackable design allows you to add as many bins as you need to your pantry. This storage bin can also used in a linen or hallway closet to store and organize bottles of shampoo, medicine or various cleaning supplies.
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