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Lodge Pot Handle Holder 2pk

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Lodge Gear Hot Handle Mitts 2HH2  2 Pack

Protect your hands from hot handles and carry your cookware from the oven to the table with this hot handle mitt from Lodge. No more hot pads that might not have your full grip on the hot pan. This Lodge hot handle mitt is a must have to accommodate any of your cast iron cookware. This hot handle mitt neatly covers the handles of your fajita pans and skillets providing better grip and added heat protection! The black-white and red-white material of this hot handle mitt is perfect for any kitchen design and helps keep your mitts easily identifiable in storage and in the wash. This hot handle mitt comes in a pack of two for the best in value!
Hot Handle Set, includes 1 ea. Black / White and Red / White Stripe
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Lodge Handle Holder Assistant Silicone Black

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Silicone assist handle holders are heat-resistant and a great addition to any kitchen. just slide the holder onto the hot assist handle and lift pots and pans with ease. creates a safe and comfortable grip of hot cookware handles. special silicone protects hands up to 450 degrees f.
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