Irons & Ironing Boards

Classic Metal Iron w/ Steam Surge Button

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Iron with aluminum soleplate quickly smoothes out wrinkles
Fabric-select dial and convenient fabric guide; "on" indicator light Thumb-activated steam-surge button; anti-drip system prevents spotting Dry-iron option; pivoting cord; stable heel rest; 3-way auto safety
Measures approximately 10 by 5-1/5 by 6-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
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T-Fal Corp Iron Comfort Cord Reel

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Automatic cord reel enables the cord length to be adjusted. Scratch resistant, stainless steel microsteam 300 soleplate provides a smooth surface with excellent glide. Precision tip delivers steam and pressing to hard to reach areas. Self cleaning system flushes out loose mineral deposits to ensure optimal performance. Integrated anti-calc system removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. 3-way auto shut off turns off after 8 minutes if left vertically and 30 sec if tipped over. Variable steam-manually adjust to the desired temperature. Use the steam function in an upright position. Thumb rest for comfortable, easier handling. 8.45oz tank capacity. 1500 Watts.
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Rowenta DW5080 Focus Iron

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Rowenta DW5080003 Focus Iron. Made in Germany, Rowenta Focus DW5080 iron features enhanced stainless steel soleplate with precision tip, with sharper point, for better access to hard-to-reach areas. A crystal tank with graduation lines for a precise water level indication and a new ergonomic thermostat knob with a precise reading of the settings. Scratch Resistant Stainless Steel Microsteam 400 Soleplate. Highly polished stainless steel provides a smooth surface with excellent glide Round shape at the back to go back and forth without creases. 400 microsteam holes provide perfect steam distribution. Enhanced high precision tip delivers steam and pressing into hard to reach areas. Large Thermostat Knob for ergonomic reading of the settings. Graduation Lines for a precise water indication. Self Clean System flushes out loose mineral deposits, ensuring optimal performance. Anti-calc integrated anti-scale system removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. 3-way auto shutoff turns the iron off in 8 minutes if left vertically and 30 seconds if left horizontally or tipped over. Vertical Steam allows iron to be used in upright position to remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments. Burst of Steam for steam concentrated at the tip to remove hard to reach wrinkles from difficult fabric. Soft touch comfort handle provides comfort and control for precise ironing. Large Soft-touch Rear provides extra stability when iron is on its heel. Extra large water tank with 10 oz. capacity fills easily at the tap.
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Sunbeam Classic Steam Iron

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The Sunbeam Classic Iron offers an exciting new design with upgraded features. This unit features an extra Shot of Steam to remove stubborn wrinkles while ironing flat or with hanging clothes and draperies. It Features timed Auto-Off, a Non-Stick Soleplate and easy to use controls.
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Rowenta Pro Master Iron

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For professional-quality results at home, turn to the Pro Master steam iron by Rowenta. The 1700-watt iron features a full metal shield and a scratch-resistant, stainless-steel soleplate with 400 micro holes for an even distribution of wrinkle-removing steam. Gliding effortlessly across all fabrics, the highly polished soleplate includes a rounded back end, for a smooth back and forth motion, and a precision-point tip that makes easy work of maneuvering over collars, along seams, and in between buttons. Adjust the continuous steam output (40g/min) and soleplate temperature as needed to accommodate a wide range of fabrics like silk or wool. The iron's powerful burst of steam function (200g/min) works great for thicker fabrics and makes unruly wrinkles quickly melt away. Holding the iron upright, and with the touch of a button, the iron delivers an extra-long burst of vertical steam--perfect for removing wrinkles from hanging garments, delicate items, or drapes. Additional highlights include an anti-drip system to prevent spitting or leaking at low heat settings, a self-cleaning anti-calc system that flushes out loose mineral deposits for long-lasting optimal performance, and three-way automatic shut-off for safety--the iron turns itself off if left unused after 8 minutes in the upright position or after 30 seconds in the horizontal position or if tipped over. Successfully complete any ironing task with the professional-grade Rowenta DW8080U6 Pro Master steam iron.
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Polder Ironing Board Pad Cover Natural 49"x 18"

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Moderate duty cotton cover with thick fiber and foam padding. One-piece construction for easy placement with bungee-style cord for a tight fit. Fits boards sized 49" x 18".
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Shark Lightweight Steam Iron

M1037723 Available: 4
The Shark Lightweight Professional Steam Iron keeps all of your fabrics looking professionally pressed. Able to smooth out wrinkles effortlessly, this compact iron steams upholstery, drapes, and other hanging garments easily due to its innovative vertical steam capability. Built with tons of features, the Shark Lightweight Professional Iron has 1500 watts of power, a stainless-steel soleplate with Smooth Glide technology, an anti-drip feature, and a multi-position auto shut-off.
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Shark Steam Powered Iron

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Efficiently remove wrinkles from your clothing with this Shark Professional GI405 steam power iron that features a tapered-tip soleplate to reach between buttons. The 3-way auto shutoff helps ensure safe operation.
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Rowenta Ultra Steambrush

M1038095 Available: 8
Compact with continuous refill and smart maximum capacity control, heats up in 2 minutes. Large steam output for a variety of uses - suits, slacks, blouses, curtains and household furnishings. Wide steam head. Tank holds 33oz of water for 30 minutes of continuous steam. Accessories include upholstery brush, fabric brush, lint pad, crease attachment and door hook. Cord wrap in base of unit for easy storage.
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Natural Cotton Ironing Board Pad

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Ritz Cotton Ironing Board Pad 80000
Old fashioned quality, this Ritz professional treated cotton ironing board cover with drawstring closure is specially treated to reduce scorches and resist stains. The drawstring closure is designed to hold the cover and pad securely in place. Made with 100 percent treated cotton, it fits all standard sized 54 inch ironing boards.

    Treated cotton ironing board cover
    Professional cover treated to reduce scorches and resist stains
    Drawstring closure designed to hold the cover and pad securely in place
    Fits all standard sized 54 inch ironing boards
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Panacea Iron & Ironing Board Holder

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Sturdy wire with white vinyl coating. Holds all popular sizes irons. Lock feature holds iron securely. Holds cross legs and T bar boards. 13" H. x 9" W. x 3
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Rowenta Compact Steam Iron

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This compact iron is a high performance iron that performs traditional ironing tasks with ease. It is ideal for crafting, quilting, and travel. Features include: A Microsteam Stainless Steel Soleplate that allows for superior glide and temperature distribution Burst of Steam: provides a powerful burst that is both vertical constant at a steady rate True Dual Voltage:two heating elements ensure the iron is as powerful at 120 volts as it is at 240 volts Full range thermostat Water tank capacity 2.4 oz A handle that folds flat for storage Includes a travel pouch.
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