Household Cleaning Supplies

Brush Quartet Set Of 4 1"-.25"

M1056128 Available: 18
These brushes can be used on hundreds of items too numerous to list here. A partial list includes tubes, every nook and cranny in all models of automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines, tight spots in sewing machines, electric razors and electric hair trimmers.
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Sports Bottle Straw Brush

M3328850 Available: 12
Someone actually made something to clean your water bottle straws!!
Keep your straws free from bacteiria and germs. Washes straws up to 12 inches long.
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Brushtech Toilet Brush Companion

M3328851 Available: 7
Cleans dirt that is stubbornly stuck to the bowl and usually needs to be cleaned by hand. The long handled brush, with its tough but non-abrasive bristles will remove grime, while keeping your hands clean and not harming the toilet bowl.
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Percolator Spout & Tube Brush

M3328856 Available: 18
Clean your coffee pot with ease. No need to use heavy detergents, hot water and brush removes bacteria.
    Ergonomically designed T-handle makes cleaning easy.
    Product Dimensions L: 14"  W: 3" H: 1.5"
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Clothes Dryer Lower Lint Screen Brush

M3328858 Available: 11
Brushtech B295C Lint Catching for Lower Clothes Dryer Traps
    * Removes lint from lower dryer traps.
    * 20" bendable brush will bend to the contour of your dryer.
    * Lint buildup can be a fire hazard and it can contribute to other breakdowns.
    * Product Dimensions L: 21"  W: 2.75"  H: 2.5"
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BrushTech Waste Food Disposal Brush

M3328859 Available: 9
Removes odor causing residues. Has a key grip handle that allows you to rotate the brush with a minimal effort.
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BrushTech Salt & Pepper Shaker Brush

M3328860 Available: 16
Brushtech B236C Salt & Pepper Shaker Washing Brush
    * Cleans the hard to reach bottoms of the shakers.
    * Brush tip opens up clogged holes in the lids.
    * Product Dimensions L: 9"  W: 1.5"  H: 1.5"
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Tea Kettle Spout Brush

M3328862 Available: 13

One spiral bristle brush wil clean all sizes of kettles. To clean kettles with larger diameter spouts, simply bend the brush into a "U" shape and insert. Tshaped handle lets you control the brisltes to get a deep down clean.
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 Clothes Dryer Upper Spiral Lint Catching Brush

M3328863 Available: 16

Brush measures two feet long to get deep into your dryer and clean the filter area out completely. This spiral brush goes in and brings out twice as much lint per stoke. A space is created in the wand with long and short bristles for more lint to be caught and brought out.
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Hummingbird Feeder Brush

M3328866 Available: 15

    Large brush end cleans nectar bottle.
    Small brush end cleans feeder bottle socket.
    Product Dimensions - length: 15", small brush diameter:1.25", large brush diameter: 1.75"(both ends of the     brush will squeeze into
of 0.5" and more.)
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Hummingbird Feeder Brush

M3328869 Available: 6
Brushtech B86C Hummingbird Feeder Brush
    * Cleans walls and bottom of all feeders.
    * Ergonomically designed handle makes cleaning easy.
    * This brush are designed to work on 95% of all feeders, but we cannot guarantee it will work on yours. Please measure the opening of your bottle prior to ordering.
    * Product Dimensions - length: 14", brush diameter:1.5"- will squeeze into bottle neck diameter 0.5" and more.
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Bird Feeder Brush

M3328871 Available: 10
Unique design fits nicely in all feeders. Keep feeders clean and free of the gunk, germs and bacteria. Key grip handle makes for easy turning of brush. It passes through perches and seed ports without removing. Cleans walls and bottoms of all feeders.
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