Brushes & Scrubbers

European Toilet Bowl Brush/Caddy

1460096 Available: 4
Rounded brush design reaches every area of bowl and rinses clean to reduce spread of germs. Decorative plastic caddy for convenient storage.
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Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

1500131 Available: 3
100% Polyester
The perfect tool for removing of dust and dirt build-up from blinds/mini-blinds
Small, light handle fits easily to hand without cramping
Curved prongs closely follow the contours of blinds; Prongs flex easily, to tightly clamp onto blinds surface
Microfiber mitt features a looser weave, with longer loop height to enhance the natural ability of microfiber to grab and hold dirt and dust
Mitt is machine washable
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Nylon Percolator Brush

1561315 Available: 5
Nylon fiber sized to clean percolator stems and small spouts. Convenient hang hole. Dimensions: 2.75"W x .75"D x 12"H
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Nail Scrub Brush Plastic Handle

M3327766 Available: 2
Soft, clear polypropylene fibers gently clean hands
Reaches under nails and around cuticles
Stiffer, blue, nylon fibers scrub around the nail and cuticle to remove ground-in dirt
Comfortable grip for secure use
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