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Libman Wonder Mop w/Power Wringer

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Non-woven premium synthetic material. Absorbent machine washable. Steel handle with hanger hole. Special wringer sleeve - more holes and deeper groovers wring more water. Your hands never touch water. Great for all surfaces - hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and stone. Replace mop head every 50 uses for best performance. Refill SKU # 1361559. Overwrap. Manufacturer number: 071736020006. SKU #: 1361534. Country of origin: (TBA). Distributed by Libman Company, Inc.
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Libman Wonder Mop Refill

1361559 Available: 6
Non-woven premium synthetic material absorbent and machine washable
Easy change refill snaps on and off
Replacement for Catalog ID 40403753
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Libman "No Knees" Floor Scrub

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45" long handle to scrub without hurting your knees or back.
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