Mops & Mop Heads

Super Squeeze Sponge Mop w/Scrub

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Durable spring-back metal hand-wringer. Extra absorbent cellulose sponge with scrubber strip. 48" steel handle with hang-up feature. Built-in spot scrubber.
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O Cedar Light & Thirsty Wet Mop

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Light and thirsty wet mop refill. Super absorbent cloth mop head is made from a cotton blend and is machine washable. Refill for #225 wet mop.
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O'Cedar Power Scrub Roller Mop

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O'cedar, triple action power scrub roller mop, a unique microfiber wave sponge design that has better spill pick up & grabs more dirt than ordinary sponge mops, power scrub's scrubbing brush with dense soft bristles gets rid of tough, dried on dirt without damaging floors, t-shape wringer improves grip & handling for easier wringing, compatible with the triple action power scrub refill.
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O'Cedar Power Scrub Mop Refill

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O'Cedar, Triple Action Power Scrub Mop Refill, Absorbs More Water & Grabs More Non-Visible Dirt To Clean More Effectively, Microfiber Wave Sponge Refill Requires Less Water & Cleaning Detergents To Clean Effectively, Absorbs More Water Than Ordinary Refills, Cleans Large Floor Areas Between Wringing.
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