Ponds & Pumps

3/4 CP Well Pump

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JETS SOLD SEPARATELY. THREE YEAR WARRANTY - Features rubber gaskets, resilient rubber ring seals water housing against any leakage. Water housing has been improved with large channels, delivering more water volume at high pressure. The automatic pressure switch provides required household pressure by switching pump on and off automatically. Copper tubing provides for no corrosion or cracking. Priming port provides easy, convenient priming. The heavy duty motor is efficient and cool running with stainless steel shaft. Years of trouble-free operation. Overload protector is built into motor housing to protect internal windings. Water tight seal is a ceramic seal that is liquid lubricated for life. No oiling or repacking ever needed. Impeller i
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 1/5HP Portable Electric Water Removal Pump

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Non-clogging vortex impeller,3/4" adjustable discharge,Top suction drains down to surface,Quick-disconnect 9 ft. power cord,No. VIP15 pumps 780 GPH at 10 ft.,No. VIP25 pumps 1020 GPH at 10 ft., 1/5 HP
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Wayne Switch Sump Tethered

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For sump and sewage pumps. Piggy-back design with 9 ft. cord. For pumps up to 1/2 HP,115 volt, 13 amp.
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