Insulation & Weatherization

Roof & Gutter Cable Control

33369 Available: 2
Easy Heat RS-2 Automatic Roof De-Icing Cable Control
    * 1200 Watt capacity at 120 VAC, one per cable
    * State of the art electronic sensor
    * Weather resistant enclosure
    * Installs quickly and easily
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Fused Plug & End Cap

33488 Available: 2
For electrical power connection and end sealing of Freeze Free pipe heating cable.
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Graphite Twist Packing 1/8"x24"

40209 Available: 3
Faucet stem packing
Graphite twist
1/8 d
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Fiberglass Insulation 1/2" x 6" x 35'

42866 Available: 6
Fiberglass Insulation Roll 35' x 6" Made from top grade fiberglass, vapor seal included. 1/2" thick. Suitable for use on hot and cold water pipes.
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Water Heater Blanket

45791 Available: 1
White vinyl backed fiberglass blanket. Designed for gas, oil or electric heaters. Fits up to 60 gallons. Includes adhesive tape for easy installation. Bagged.
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Easy Heat Self Regulating Heat Cable 50'

3405651 Available: 2
Easy Heat PSR Series self-regulating pipe heating cable is suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes up to 2-1/2-Inch diameter. It employs self-regulating technology eliminating the need for thermostat. It varies its heat output with respect to the ambient temperature. It has a power rating of 250 Watts. Heating cable of 50-ft long prevents the formation of ice dams on rooftops and water pipes from freezing.
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Wrap On 2 Receptacle Pre-set Thermostat 35/45

3504156 Available: 7
Inline Receptacle Thermostat with 2 Outlets 120 volt
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Galvanized Pipe Strap 1/2"

4267977 Available: 63
Galvanized steel two-hole strap to secure pipe. Two holes for use with nails or screws to ensure stable fit.
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Thermwell Faucet Cap J Hook

4335493 Available: 52
C-bead expanded polystyrene shell,High-insulating quality,Non-conducting attaching device,Traps "through-wall" heat loss,Continuous 3/4" foam gasket,No assembly required
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Poly Pipe Insulation 1-1/4"

M4140111 Available: 8
1/2" thickness polyethylene foam insulation,For hot & cold water pipes,Saves energy - stops heat loss & condensation,Resists freezing,Closed cell polyethylene foam,1/2" thickness - 6 ft. lengths,Pull tape to secure glued edges,Fits copper - go up size for PVC or Iron Pipe,SIZE 1-1/4" x 6 Ft.,FITS 1-1/4"C/1"IPS
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Fiberglass Insulation 1/2" x 3" x 35'

M4140125 Available: 3
Standard 3" wide fiberglass insulation stops cold water pipes from sweating, prevents heat loss from hot water pipes. Wrap-On Pipe insulation wrap has operating temperature rang of 300 deg F and is made of fiberglass for long lasting durability. Wrap measuring 35' x 3" is suitable for insulating heat tapes or hot or cold pipes.
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Wrap On Pipe Guard Connector Kit 1/8 x 2 x 15

M4140140 Available: 4
2-Inch x 1/8-Inch x 15-Feet Foam and Foil Pipe Insulation Tape Wrap. Self-adhesive insulation tape. This is a one easy step way to insulate both hot and cold pipes. On hot pipes, it helps stop wasteful heat loss. On cold pipes it prevents sweating or dripping.
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