Insulation & Weatherization

Roof & Gutter Cable Control

33369 Available: 6
Easy Heat RS-2 Automatic Roof De-Icing Cable Control
    * 1200 Watt capacity at 120 VAC, one per cable
    * State of the art electronic sensor
    * Weather resistant enclosure
    * Installs quickly and easily

Fused Plug & End Cap

33488 Available: 3
For electrical power connection and end sealing of Freeze Free pipe heating cable.

Graphite Twist Packing 1/8"x24"

40209 Available: 8
Faucet stem packing
Graphite twist
1/8 d

Fiberglass Insulation 1/2" x 6" x 35'

42866 Available: 3
Fiberglass Insulation Roll 35' x 6" Made from top grade fiberglass, vapor seal included. 1/2" thick. Suitable for use on hot and cold water pipes.

Pipe Insulation 3/8"-3/4"

44427 Available: 19
Saves energy - stops heat loss/condensation,Resists freezing-closed cell polyethylene foam,With self-sealing adhesive closure system,Maximum protection & performance,3/8" wall thickness - 3 ft. lengths,Polybags- 4 pieces (12 ft.) per bag,For hot or cold water pipes,FITS= Copper size, PVC and iron pipe sizes,FITS 3/4"C, 1/2"IPS

Pipe Insulation 3/8 -1 Inch

44430 Available: 12
Saves energy, stops heat loss, condensation and resists freezing. Closed cell polyethylene foam with self-sealing adhesive closure system. Maximum protection & performance. 3/8" wall thickness. 3 ft. lengths. Polybags, 4 pieces (12 ft.) per bag. For hot or cold water pipes. FITS= Copper size, PVC and iron pipe sizes,FITS 1"C, 3/4"IPS.

Water Heater Blanket

45791 Available: 2
White vinyl backed fiberglass blanket. Designed for gas, oil or electric heaters. Fits up to 60 gallons. Includes adhesive tape for easy installation. Bagged.


3037744 Available: 1
Our roof and gutter de-icing products are engineered to protect properties from the damage caused by ice dam formations. Easy Heat's electric heating cables economically and efficiently reduce ice formation along roof edges, in gutters, drains and downspouts to provide a path for melt water, allowing it to flow off the structure. Certified and UL Listed to Canadian safety standards roof and gutter de-icing kits. 5 watts per foot, 120 VAC. Three wire grounded plug with a 6-foot/2-meter power cord. Kits include appropriate number of roof clips and cable spacers.

Easy Heat Self Regulating Heat Cable 50'

3405651 Available: 4
Easy Heat PSR Series self-regulating pipe heating cable is suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes up to 2-1/2-Inch diameter. It employs self-regulating technology eliminating the need for thermostat. It varies its heat output with respect to the ambient temperature. It has a power rating of 250 Watts. Heating cable of 50-ft long prevents the formation of ice dams on rooftops and water pipes from freezing.

Wrap On 2 Receptacle Pre-set Thermostat 35/45

3504156 Available: 3
Inline Receptacle Thermostat with 2 Outlets 120 volt

Galvanized Pipe Strap 1/2"

4267977 Available: 70
Galvanized steel two-hole strap to secure pipe. Two holes for use with nails or screws to ensure stable fit.

Thermwell Faucet Cap J Hook

4335493 Available: 62
C-bead expanded polystyrene shell,High-insulating quality,Non-conducting attaching device,Traps "through-wall" heat loss,Continuous 3/4" foam gasket,No assembly required