Heating & Cooling

Aluminum Vent Pipe 4"x24"

41129 Available: 16
Round aluminum pipe,Snaplock seam to close pipe,Use for bath, dryer, general purpose venting, 4x24"
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Deflector for Side Wall Registers 10"-16"

44368 Available: 9
For wall registers,For cooling only systems,Adjusts from 10" to 16",Designed to deflect air upward,Held in place by magnets,Molded in screw slots for secure mounting,Clear plastic
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Deflecto Magnetic Vent Covers 3pk, 8"x15"

4169504 Available: 6
For wall, floor or ceiling register vents,Installs easily,Magnetically seals metal register vents,Keeps air from passing through closed vents,Redirects air flow to needed areas,Paint or wallpaper if desired to match decor,May be trimmed if necessary,3 vent covers per pack, 8" x 15"
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Premium Unbreakable Air Deflector

4567046 Available: 32
Adjusts from 10" to 14",For heating and cooling systems,Unconditional guarantee against breakage,Held in place with magnets,Clear, engineer-grade plastic construction,COLOR Clear Plastic
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Deflect-O Under Furniture Air Deflector

4808408 Available: 5
The Air Deflector saves energy by eliminating trapped air. Extend under furniture to deflect air into the room. It is easy to install. Assembled Height: 1-1/2 in. Assembled Depth: 19 to 35 in. Works with 10 in. registers and extends up to 35 in. Saves energy for heating and cooling.
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Dryer Close Connector 4"

M4950205 Available: 4
All metal close connect for dryer,Works well where dryer pipe and wall outlet-,overlap or are close,Fire resistant,Adjusts to 6", rotates to any position,Easily cut with tin snips if extension too long,Aluminum thickness from .014" to .016",SIZE 4"
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Adjustable Air Vent Deflector 10-14"

M4950380 Available: 15
Adjustable 10" to 14". For heating and cooling systems. Held in place by magnets. One filter included. Clear plastic
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Wormgear Clamp Galvanized 4"

M4950410 Available: 43
Oversized wormdrive metal clamp for easy fit,Accommodates semi-rigid aluminum duct,Adjusts from 1-1/2" min. to  3-3/4" max. diameter,Heavy-duty adjustable mechanism for secure fit,Adjusts easily with turn of a screwdriver,7/16" wide x .030" thickness,SIZE  For 4" Duct,COLOR Silver Finish
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