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Eastman Thermal Expansion Tank ST-12 4.5Gal

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In line, diaphragm-type, pre-pressurized tank for use with domestic hot water heaters to accept the increased volume of water created when a water storage tank is heated, keeping the system below the relief valve setting. Extends water heater life and protects plumbing fixtures by controlling pressure build-up. Smothers water hammer and eliminates hot water waste. Steel shell, polypropylene liner, butyl diaphragm, brass system connection. 200 degree F maximum operating temperature, 150 PSI maximum working pressure. 40 PSI factory pre charge.
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Canvas Evaporative Cooler Cover 45"X45"X35"

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Heavy-weight canvas cooler covers for all -,residential & industrial coolers,Treated to be water repellent,Protects cooler from winter weather elements,Reduces heat loss & cold air from blowing in,Easy to install and easy to remove,Lasts for years with proper care,Made in the U.S.A,SIZE 45"Wx45"Dx35"H,DESC Down Discharge
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