Shower Heads

Ultra SaverShower 1.9 GPM

45991 Available: 3
High velocity aerating shower-strong force
Pressure compensating flow regulator allows constant 1.9 gallon per minute flow rate
True water saving showerhead
Saves water, energy and money
Solid brass, chrome plated With push button control, cuts flow to a trickle for savings
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Waterpik 5 Mode OptiFlow Showerhead Chrome 2.0

4232906 Available: 3
The Waterpik TRS-529 shower head provides an invigorating shower and a stylish brushed nickel look at an affordable price. With five spray modes from a strong pulsating massage to a gentle misting, you'll experience the perfect shower for your mood. The shower head has a sleek profile and a metal face with easy-clean rubber nozzles. And thanks to the Waterpik's OptiFlow technology, you will get up to 30 percent more spray force from the same amount of water.
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Waterpik OptiFlow Rainfall Shower Head Chrome 2.0

4232989 Available: 1
6" round shower head, removable flow regulator, advanced OptFLOW technology, adjustable designer arm, full body rain spray. Maximum flow rate: 2.5 GPM
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Waterpik Rainfall Adjustable Shower Head Chrome 2.0

4233011 Available: 3
High-performance, high-style shower heads offer an affordable way to breathe new life into any bathroom.

Experience the soothing sensation of rain with Waterpik rain shower heads. Make every shower a luxurious spa-like experience with a choice of shower head face sizes and shapes to suit your every need.

Enjoy a shower experience you can look forward to every day
Select from a variety of settings, including full-body power spray, drenching rain shower, and pulsating rain shower
Fit a range of budgets with an impressive combination of performance and design
Upgrade your bathroom with the right style and finish
Install in just minutes - no plumber needed!
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Waterpik Massaging Handheld Shower Head 5 Mode Nickel 2.0

4268751 Available: 4
Brushed nickel hand-held shower with lifetime PVD coating. 5 spray modes ranging from an invigorating pulsating massage to a powerful rinse spray. 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate. Mode ring tab for easy transition between modes. Easy clean nozzle. Includes 5' hose. Clamshell packaging.
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Waterpik Flex Neck Shower Head 6 Mode Chrome 2.0

4268801 Available: 2
Enjoy the ultimate in adjustability with this unique, flexible shower head. Featuring the patented Waterpik FlexNeck arm, the design makes it easy to adjust your shower height or spray angle in seconds. Move it up to add height for your shower, drop it down lower for children - or even to target the massage spray on your back. Features 6 spray settings, with OptiFLOW technology for a powerful shower experience.
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Delta Amplifying Shower Head 1.5 GPM

4302212 Available: 5
The Delta Water Amplifying Showerhead with H2OKinetic Technology revolutionizes the showering experience. The single setting, traditional styled showerhead offers a water-saving comfort spray The water-saving comfort spray operates at 1.6 gallons per minute...don't think you're giving anything up in performance though - it feels like the standard 2.5 gallons per minute and it's a 36-Percent water savings!
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Waterpik EcoFlow Chrome Fixed Shower Head

4302915 Available: 2
Waterpik EcoFlow Chrome Fixed Shower Head

    3-1/4" round shower head with advanced Optiflow technology
    Easy clean nozzle
    Adjustable head
    Water pause toggle switch
    3 spray modes: pulsating massage, concentrated center power spray and power spray/ pulsating massage
    1.5 gallons per minute flow rate
    Eco-friendly technology reduces water consumption and saves you an average of $91 on annual utility expenses
    Lifetime warranty
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1.5 GPM 4 Mode Handheld Chrome

4302923 Available: 2
3-1/4 round shower head, advanced optiflow technology, easy clean nozzles, 5 ft. faux metal hose, water pause toggle switch. Spray modes: Full body coverage, Pulsating massage, Full body/massage combination.
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Bungy Hose 78"-100"Chrome

4304895 Available: 4
Stretchable 78" Bungy metal shower hose. Stretches to over 100"

Made with a flexible stainless steel double interlock outer shell and stretchable EPDM inner hose. Standard 1/2" female chrome-plated brass connectors. Includes conical nut with O-ring gripper. Fits all standard hand shower brackets. Brass barbs.

    Stainless Steel
    Length In=59
    Stretch Lgth In=80
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VersaSpray Handheld Shower

4401113 Available: 3
Turns tub faucets without diverters into -,a hand held personal shower,Versa Spray fits over most tub spouts,42" vinyl hose,Great for cleaning tub area, bathing children -,or washing pets,No tools required for easy installation,Carded
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Waterpik Massaging Shower Head 3 Mode Chrome 2.0

4500369 Available: 3
An affordable yet stylish premium traditional design delivers an excellent performance that will bring elegance to your bathroom and is perfect for a variety of traditional styles.
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