LED Bulbs

LED Dimmable Bi-Pin Bulb MR16 5.5W

3435252 Available: 8
Dimmable / Bi-Pin
90% More efficient than incandescent & Halogen
Long lasting up to 20,000 hours
Mercury Free / No UV Emissions
Resists Shock & Vibration
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 LED Dimmable PAR20 500 Lumens

3435302 Available: 6
Dimmable Performance LED 9.5W is energy -,saving replacement for a 50 watt PAR20 lamp,Average life of 30,000 hours & is mercury free,Usage: track and recessed lighting,Instant on to full brightness,MOL: 3.20"H x 2.48"D - color 5000K - 120 volt,Medium base (E26) - beam spread 38 - 500 Lumens,In canister package
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Feit LED PAR20 Dimmable Light Bulb 465 Lumen 3K

3435310 Available: 24
Medium screw base. 120 volts. Weather proof, instant on to full brightness. RoHS Compliant, Mercury free.
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Feit LED Wedge Base Bulb 12V 160 Lumen 3K

3458080 Available: 10
This High Powered 3 Watt Performance LED is a 20 watt replacement, has an average life of 15,000 Hours and is mercury free.
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3496429 Available: 2
Converts your existing fluorescent fixture -,to LED technology - replace any T8 or T12 Lamp,No replacing or rewiring of lamp holders needed,No replacement/removal of the ballast or -,installation of the LED driver required,120V, MOL: 48" long, Lumens: 1650, G13 base,Uses 19 watts - equivalent to 76 watts,Cool white, mercury free - Life: 50,000 hours,SIZE 4 Ft. Length,DESC Frost
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GE LED Light Bulb Day Time 3 Way 50W/100W/150W

3537230 Available: 6
GE, LED22A50/150/5KB, 6W/15W/22W, Daylight, 3 Way LED Bulb, 700/1600/2155 Lumens, 5000K, Medium Base, Equivalent to 50W/100W/150W, 22.8 Years Rated Life
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Keystone LED Utility Light Bulb 2500 Lumens

3563392 Available: 3
While the look of this light harkens to space invaders, the clear, bright light means you'll be able to see with ease. Using just 50 watts of electricity, this fixture fits into your standard light bulb socket and produces 4400 lumens,the equivalent of 3 60-watt incandescent bulbs. The heavy-duty aluminum reflector shield enhances the light from the bulb and directs it where you need it. With a 30,000-hour LED life and a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, this bulb will allow you to see clearly for years.
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GE LED Bug Bulb 7W A19

3592144 Available: 2
GE, LED7A10BUG, 7W, A19, Yellow Bug LED Bulb, 450 Lumens, 4000K, Non-Dimmable, Medium Base, Equivalent To A 40W Incandescent, MOL: 4.43", 25,000 Hour Rated Life, Non-Energy Star
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Feit LED Refridgerator Bulb 2W

3775517 Available: 2
LED Refrigerator Bulb T6.5 2 watt. 24w equivalence. 5.3" long , .5" diameter.
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Feit LED Microwave Bulb 270 Lumens

3867900 Available: 11
-LED Microwave Bulb T8 3.5w
-40 watt equivalance
-E17 intermediate base
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Satco LED Dimmer Bulb MR16 3K 12V 7W

M1044910 Available: 10
Dimmable, mr16 shape led bulb uses the latest technology to produce an exceptional, white light. Ideal for use in track or display lighting fixtures, this 7-watt bulb produces 520 lumens at 3,000 kelvin. 12-Volt led floodlight features a 40-degree beam spread and lasts 25,000 hours. Energy star qualified and RoHS compliant.
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Satco 6.4W A19/E26 General LED Bulb Warm White

M1044915 Available: 2
Satco 6.4-Watt A19 LED Warm White 2700K 40-Watt Equivalent Non-Dimmable 240 Degrees 120-Volt LED Light Bulb.
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