Power Strips & Cords

Extension Cord with Power Switch 15' 16/2 White

30131 Available: 26
On/off control of lights, TV, etc.,16/2 wire gauge - SPT-2 wire type,Appliances up to 15' from the wall,SPT-2 white cord with polarized plug,Heavy duty on/off switch,UL Listed,LENGTH 15 Ft.,COLOR White

Polar Extension Cord 25ft

30671 Available: 11
Hi-visibility - low temperature extension cords,Power indicator light on female receptacle -,lets you know that power is supplied to cord,Wire type SJTW - Hi-vis blue color -clear plug,Super flexible at temperatures down to -45 deg.,Reinforced blades help prevent bending/breaking,125 volt rating - UL listed ,Meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use,SIZE 14/3 x 25 Ft.,RATING 15 Amp

Polar Extension Cord 100ft Blue/Orange

30818 Available: 3
Extreme temperature cord with lighted locking connector. Blue with orange stripe for visibility. Oil resistant, water resistant, flame retardant. Stays flexible down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit, stands up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. 30 percent lighter than standard rubber cords. UL, cULus Listed and CSA Certified. Meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use.

3-Outlet Extension Cord with Power Tap 9' 16/3 Green

31139 Available: 9
Solid molded power taps, the convenience of 3 outlets in a compact design.

3 Wire Range Cord 6ft

31446 Available: 7
Power supply replacement cord with strain relief. Includes instructions for replacing worn or damaged cords. UL, cULus Listed.

Dryer Cord 6' 10/3

31448 Available: 2
Flat vinyl-10/3 dryer cord,Thick vinyl insulation w/right angle male plug,30 amp, 250V,3-wire #10 SRDT wire,NEMA 10-30,Strain relief clamp helps prevent cord damage,UL Listed,Sleeved,SIZE 6 Ft.,COLOR Gray

Power Supply Cord 16/3 8'

31471 Available: 10
Designed for use on appliances and power tools that use up to 13 amp. Includes instructions on replacing worn or broken cords. UL, cULus Listed.

Round Extension Cord Orange 25ft

31699 Available: 4
3-way power block provides additional outlets,UL Listed-meets OSHA outdoor use requirements,Vinyl jacket resists moisture, abrasion-,and prolonged exposure to sunlight,Reinforced blades prevent accidental bending,15 amp - 125V rating,15A-125V rating - wire type SJTW,Orange color cord-sleeve packed,SIZE 14/3 - 25 Ft.

Appliance Extension Cord 3ft

31830 Available: 8
For air conditioners. Features heavy-duty vinyl insulation and right angle plugs. UL, cULus Listed.

Appliance Extension Cord 6' 14/3

31831 Available: 9
For air conditioners. Features heavy-duty vinyl insulation and right angle plugs. UL, cULus Listed.

Appliance Extension Cord 9ft

31832 Available: 18
3 conductor heavy duty flat vinyl AC cord,Right angle male plug made of PVC,14 gauge - 3 conductor SPT-3 wire type,125 volt - max current rating 15 Amp,UL Listed,NEMA configuration: 5-15,Sleeve packed,Use w/air conditioners, power tools & appliances,SIZE 9 Ft.,COLOR Beige

Outdoor Extension Cord 50ft

31836 Available: 8
Meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use,Orange vinyl jacketed,Resists moisture, abrasion, exposure to sunlight,Wire type SJTW,Sleeve packed,UL listed,SIZE 16/3 x 50 Ft.,RATING 13 Amp