Power Strips & Surge Protectors

Wiremold 6 Outlet Plug Mould

32495 Available: 2
40", Ivory, Plugmold Metal Multiple Outlet Strip With 6 Grounded Outlets, Circuit Breaker, 5' 3 Wire Cord, Mounting Kit

 Single Outlet Surge Adapter

3263050 Available: 5
Full 3-line protection,EMI/RFI capacitor filters out noise,Indicator light shows surge,Compact size for single usage,450 Joules

Travel Surge Protector w/2 USB

3466877 Available: 2
6 Outlet, Travel Surge Protector, With 2 USB Ports, 6 Swivel Outlets, Two 2.1A USB Charging Ports For Managing & Organizing AC Power Cords In A Tight Space.

6-Outlet Power Strip W/Safety 8ft

3492451 Available: 15
Power strip plugs into existing outlets with no hard-wiring, 8' cord, right angle plug, safety covers, built-in circuit breaker. Rated 15 amp, 125 volt, 1875 watts. UL listed.

Coleman 6 Outlet Metal Power Strip 3ft

3492519 Available: 2
-6-outlet, cord length is 3-Feet
-Durable metal body - Perfect for garage or shop
-15-Amp lighted circuit breaker on/off switch
-Sliding safety covers protects users from accidental contact and keeps dust from unused outlets
-This item does not have surge suppression and will not protect against power surges

9 Outlet Surge Protector w/Phone

3492535 Available: 2
2250 joules,3 adapter spaced outlets,2 line phone (RJ-11) protection,6 ft. heavy duty cord with right angle plug,Built-in cord management,Safety outlet covers,Automatic shutdown protection with alarm,$200,000 Connected Equipment Warranty,COLOR Silver/Black

Audiovox 2USB 6 Surge Protector

3496643 Available: 3
6 Outlet Surge Protector, With 2 USB Ports, 6 Swivel Outlets, Two 2.1A USB Charging Ports For Managing & Organizing AC Power Cords In A Tight Space

Hydrofarm Tower of Power 6 Outlet

181093 Available: Out of stock
6 Outlet, Tower Of Power, For Use In Hydroponics, Enough Room To Accommodate Even The Bulkiest Timers & Adapters, Accommodates All Your Timers, Vertical, Takes Up Less Space Than Your Typical Strip.

2 USB/7 Outlet Surge Protector

5080855 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Protect your electronics and charge your portable devices at the same time using the 2 USB + 7 AC Surge Protector from GE. Ideal for smartphones, tablets, eReaders and more, the surge protector features a 2.1A/10W power supply for rapid charging of your mobile devices, a 1500 Joules protection rating and a $100,000 connected equipment guarantee for your connected devices. The GE surge protector is also equipped with twist-to-lock safety covers, one adapter-spaced outlet, both protected and grounded indicator lights to show that the surge protector is working correctly and an integrated power filter that reduces interference to provide a cleaner sound and picture experience. This product is backed by a limited-lifetime warranty. Charging cable not included.

Power Zone 6 Rotating Outlet Surge Tap

M5080830 Available: Out of stock
Power Zone 6 Rotating Outlet Surge Tap - OR503105

Full 3-line protection against surges through hot, neutral, or ground lines. Built-in circuit breaker switches to prevent against overloads. Has rotating outlets. 2160 joule.
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MiniSquid Surge Protctector+USB Port

M5081502 Available: Out of stock
Protect your expensive electronics from power surges in your electrical lines with the miniSquid Surge Protector from BITS Limited. This miniSquid provides users with three flexible grounded AC outlets and a flexible outlet featuring two USB ports for charging convenience of the continuous growing number of USB powered devices (smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc). It has a one and a half foot heavy duty extension cord with a holding clip and it can be wall mounted for additional placement convenience. The miniSquid has 612 joules of surge protection with LED indicator lights on the face of the unit to communicate if surge protection is active and if outlets are grounded; additionally this device will provide line noise filtration up to 40dB (decibels).
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PowerSquid 6 Outlet Surge Protector

M5081503 Available: Out of stock
Surge protectors and power strips power numerous electric and electronic devices from a single location which is especially handy for home theaters and computer workstations. But so many of these components use bulky AC adapters that block more than one outlet on a power strip, diminishing their convenience. Get the maximum use of your electrical outlets with the Calamari Edition PowerSquid Surge Protector which plugs into a single grounded outlet but lets you plug 6 of even the bulkiest adapters into its flexible arms.
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