Wiring Devices

NEMA Twist Lock Plug L1430P 125/250

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Abuse resistant thermoplastic construction. Back wire terminal clamps for easy secure wiring. External cable clamp provides firm strain relief. Individual wiring compartments with tapered channel for easy insertion of wires. Clear cover over wiring compartments allow easy inspection of wiring terminations. Triple combination head screws standard - slot/Phillips/Robertson for use in the U.S. and Canada. Clearly marked rating, standard compliances on face of plug or connector. 30 amp - 125/250 volt. NEMA L14-30.
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Pass & Seymour 15A Duplex w/2 USB 2.0-3.0

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Charge ahead with theLegrand Decorator Duplex USB Charger Receptacle. Legrand Decorator Duplex Receptacles with USB Charging capabilities are designed to upgrade existing receptacles. This product features an improved overall 3.1A USB charging capability in two USB charging ports coupled with two AC receptacles. The screw-pressure-plate back wiring makes installation fast and easy.
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