Outside The Wall Wiring Devices

Polarized Cube Tap Adapter 15A White

30639 Available: 4
Converts a single receptacle to three outlets. 15 amp, 125 volt. UL Listed.

10A White Quick Plug

30666 Available: 9
Impact resistant thermoplastic housing with finger grip grooves. Plug blades are firmly embedded in body. Polarized, carded. UL Listed. NEMA 1-15.

Grounding Adapter 3-2 Converter 15A

30675 Available: 119
Rating: 15A - 125V. Converts 2-wire outlet to 3-wire outlet. Color shipped may be gray or white depending-on product shipped to us by manufacturer.

NEMA Armored Plug 6-15P 250V

30681 Available: 7
Maximum cord diameter: .625". Accepts up to No. 12-3 grounding wire. For heavy duty application. Matches cord outlets 5006, 5443 & 5828. With cord clamp. Rating: 15A-125V. DESC Bulk, Yellow.

NEMA Vinyl 2 Wire Connector 15A

30685 Available: 6
Blades are firmly embedded in body. Terminal screw clamps are designed to contain wire and prevent binding. Terminal screws backed out, ready for wiring. Terminals in individual chambers to positively insulate conductors. Resists chemical attack and stay flexible in extremely low temperatures. Combination slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws. 15 amp /125 volt. UL Listed. 1.54" diameter x 1.65" tall. .250''-.655'' cord diameter. NEMA 1-15.

NEMA Armored Connector 6-15R 15/250

30692 Available: 3
15 Amp - 250 Volt - NEMA 6-15R connector. Commercial grade - straight blade. Cord range: .245 - .655. Wire gauge 18-12 AWG. Matches plug No. 5443. Black

Pull Chain Current Tap Brown

30852 Available: 7
Ratings: lampholder - 250W - 125V,Ratings: outlets - 660W - 125V,Converts single socket to lampholder,Provides two outlets for standard plugs,Pull chain controls lampholder only,Sockets always on, Brown

Keyless Lamp Holder Tap Brown

30854 Available: 12
Converts single socket to a lampholder,Plus 2 outlets for standard plugs,Medium base,15 Amp - 660 Watt - 125 Volt,2-pole 2-wire, Brown

NEMA Armored Connector 5-20P 125V

31943 Available: 6
2-pole, 3-wire grounding, 20A - 125V. Accepts #18-12 grounding wire. Type: yellow-steel armor. NEMA 5-20,COLOR Yellow

Straight Blade Connector NEMA 5-15R 15 AMP 125 Volt

32220 Available: 6
Industrial grade. High impact-resistant thermoplastic housings with easy-grip grooves. Plated steel assembly screws are speed-threaded and captive, reducing installation time. Solid brass plug blades are firmly embedded in body. Terminals in individual chambers to positively insulate conductors. Clearly marked rating, NEMA configuration and standard compliances (third-party listing) on face of device. Color-coded clamps identify amperage: blue=15 amp. Terminal screws backed out; ready for wiring. Combination slot/Phillips head terminal, assembly, and clamping screws. Meets all 498 requirements. 15 amp, 125 volt. UL Listed. NEMA 5-15.
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NEMA Twistlock Plug L620P 20/250

32233 Available: 2
High impact thermoplastic construction. Solid brass blades for superior conductivity and low heat rise. Large, deep-slotted captive brass terminal screws. Chamfered wire well for easy insertion of wire. Color-coded strain relief clamps identify amperage even while in use. Clear terminal chambers allow visual inspection of terminals. Grooved housing for easy gripping and twisting. 20 amp/250 volt. UL Listed. NEMA L6-20.

NEMA Twist Lock Connector L530C 20/125

32234 Available: 2
Abuse resistant thermoplastic construction. External cable clamp provides firm strain relief. Back wire terminal clamps for easy secure wiring. Triple combination head screws standard - slot/Phillips/Robertson for use in the U.S. and Canada. Clearly marked rating, NEMA configuration and standard compliances on face of plug or connector. 30 amp, 125 volt. NEMA L5-30. Boxed.